How to Read Faster with Audios and Exercises

By | December 11, 2011

Reading faster benefits nearly every reader. There is a great advantage of being able to speed read, which includes better retention of the material you are reading. You also have the talent to quickly get through massive novels, and move on to the next. It is a great advantage to be able to speed read and one that broadens your horizons. However, there is a process used to learn how to read faster, and without knowing and following the steps properly, you will not be giving yourself all the advantages, or excelling at your full potential.

There is so much information out there on how to speed read, from speed reading articles, to speed reading audio tapes, to speed reading exercise and to speed reading software. All, may be extremely helpful, but it is important that when you choose a program, you choose a program that is reputable.

What You Will Learn When You Learn How to Speed Read

First, a reputable speed reading course that is designed based on scientific theory will enhance your reading speed by three to 10 times faster than what you started out reading. This can be done by studying a few minutes a day for 10 days. A reputable speed reading course is that powerful. What you will be taught are many exercises that may be in the form of speed reading articles or speed reading audio tape or software. You may even find that the course uses a combination of tools.

Speed Reading Techniques

First, when you start off you likely will want to begin with reading a few speed reading articles to get acquainted with speed reading. A good source is definitely a course that offers speed reading articles for you to read, as well. This is simply, because it helps when you are able to read what the experts have to write. Speed reading audio tapes are also a great asset and one that many courses will include.

There are various techniques that are used to teach students how to speed read, which include the following.

How to learn proper eye control. Speed reading is all about going fast, and it is essential that you learn proper eye control in order to not only gain the speed, but to also recognize and retain the information that you are reading.

How to increase your vocabulary. Increasing your vocabulary is also essential as it will help you to recognize words much faster.

Understanding the structure of sentences. When you understand the structure of sentences, your senses of understanding the sentences are much keener.

Skimming, scanning, and reviewing what you read. This step also involves proper eye control, and when you learn how to skim, scan and review, you are speed reading.

A speed reading course will not have you jump in and start going as fast as you can. It will teach you the techniques to acquire the skill to speed read. You will learn how to go slow and improve your comprehension and use the steps properly to build your speed.

There are many tricks that a reputable speed reading course will teach you, and the trick is to find a course that is reputable and is based on scientific theory.