How to Save On Your Business Printing Budget

By | October 6, 2011

Business printing doesn’t have to cost you so much. With proper planning and strategy, it is possible to print materials you want at a reduced price.

These days, the printing costs are continuously rising while the printing budget of most businesses is constantly falling. To help you accommodate your business printing requirements on a limited budget, here are some ways you can save your printing money:

• Select the best local printer that you can afford. Local business printers are more responsive to the needs of small businesses. If you are in the Dallas area, there are many local print shops there that can offer custom packages to help you save money on printing costs. Visit any Dallas business printing shop and inquire about the affordable packages they offer.

• Choose your paper stock wisely. The printing paper is a major factor that affects the cost of any print job. It may even reach more than 50% of the costs. Carefully consider what you want to achieve with your printed material. For example, if you are launching a product to a hundred of your VIP customers, this may justify the use of a really special stock for the catalog. On the other hand, printing 10,000 brochures on the same kind of special paper is not exactly a good idea.

• Use standard sizes as much as possible. The size of the materials you want to print can determine your expenses. This is because standard size products such as postcards, business cards, flyers, etc. are run in a manner that maximizes the number of units per sheet of paper. If you are printing direct mail pieces, your mailing costs can also be reduced since you are not going to pay extra for postage costs.

• Make sure that the printer has the right printing equipment for your print job. Remember that every printing machine is matched to certain jobs. For example, if you want a few thousand copies of a 32-page catalog, you better not choose a printer that is only capable of printing using a small format digital printing device. Learn what type of printing machine your printed material should be printed on and find the appropriate Dallas business printing service.

• Avoid rush jobs. The best way to do this is plan ahead to give the printer more time to do get the job done. A rush job will require you to pay extra for the overtime and tight scheduling that will be incurred.

• Order in large volume. Business printers can offer a better price per unit if you order for a larger quantity of prints, although you need to think about how many of these prints you will actually use. Bulk orders may help you save on the printing costs as it gives you a much lower price per unit but if you will only end up with more unused materials, you are only wasting more money. When planning your printing requirements, always ask the question “How many of these are we likely to use over a certain period of time?”

Business printing doesn’t have to cost you so much. With proper planning and strategy, it is possible to print the materials you want at a reduced price.