Hypo Allergenic Single Memory foam Mattress

By | September 21, 2011

It’s a popular misconception that memory foam mattresses are intended only for the larger beds in the home but in reality, a single mattress is widely available so that anyone in your family can enjoy the supreme luxury that memory foam provides.

We all spend around a third of our lives asleep so don’t we deserve to be as comfortable as possible during this time? Memory foam is so luxurious that it gives you the best possible chance of that one thing we call crave – a good night’s sleep.

In order to give you that supreme comfort, memory foam’s upper layers react to your body heat and mould around you, memorising your body shape. At the same time, the layers underneath remain solid and this gives you the perfect combination of comfort and support. Like most people, you can surely be said quite correctly, whether you are just now awake and fit, work well and can concentrate properly or not.

With the incorrect selection of mattress and slats not only decreases your quality of sleep but also reject your body the required regeneration phase, which he very much needed to begin the day’s fresh. Depart your sleep quality to chance!

While memory foam has many health giving properties, you don’t have to suffer from back or joint issues to enjoy all of its benefits. If you do suffer with your back however, a king size, double or single mattress offers you the best possible support and it can also prevent problems occurring with those that have the healthiest of bodies.
Memory foam is also constructed without springs and this makes it safer to transport and to install. Statistics show that a surprising number of injuries are caused by bed springs so your safety is further taken care of.
Memory foam, whether you have a king size, double or single mattress is completely hypo allergenic and therefore resistant to dust mites, making it safer still and ideal for a child’s bedroom.

When NASA first developed memory foam way back in the 1960’s they couldn’t have imagined how popular it would become over the years. Thanks to retailers such as Zleeps, anyone can enjoy the comfort and luxury of these beautiful mattresses at very affordable prices.

With each mattress purchased, we offer a free comfort guarantee so please keep checking our website for the latest offers on king size, double and single mattress units. Remember too that free UK delivery is included on all of these products as standard.