Important Site Monitoring For Your Site

By | September 18, 2011

To ensure that your site is up and running on a 24hr basis, you need to set up a website monitoring service.

To ensure that your site is up and running on a 24hr basis, you need to set up a website monitoring service. This 24/7 site monitoring will constantly check into your website to ensure that your site is available and in case it isn’t, send you an alert message so that you can take the necessary measure in setting up again. Website downtime leads to loss of numerous customers who have tried to access the site unsuccessfully. With site monitoring, you no longer lose customers due to website down time as any problem is corrected before much damage caused.

Site monitoring involves setting up of infrastructure that will notify an individual if the website is down or unavailable. This monitoring and alert service involves a 24/7 site monitoring since there are different time zones in the world and people are always trying to access different websites all the time. Site monitoring settings involves infrastructure in various strategic positions all over the world. The mechanism of the monitoring service is meant to notify you when your website is inaccessible in more that one of these locations. You will receive email, SMS or MSN notification that there is a problem with your site and therefore you can take the precise measure to put it up again. The target of site monitoring is to ensure that your site is available 100% of the time.

As owner of a website, you always want to have constant traffic to your site so that the services you offer are always available to customers all the time. Therefore you need this 24/7 site monitoring service to ensure that you are always on the radar for clients. If your website is only up 99% of the time, you end up losing up to 7hrs of customers per month. Most of these customers would have been potential turning points for your website. Website monitoring eliminates the gambling with your site and turns it into a fully functional and available service.

The best thing about these website monitoring services is that you do not need to install any software or hardware for the monitoring and alerts. The company sets up the necessary connections and all you have to do is constantly check your emails or IM for any new alerts and take the necessary measure in case of any thing. There are some companies that even offer free site monitoring.

Website monitoring also involve monthly website performance reports rather than the alerts only. The reports are compiled from the two minute regular check time intervals for the websites uptime and downtime. The monthly reports are presented with geographical classification in terms of country and city percentage total down time and up time and there are also detailed reports with the specific check in times when the website was available or not. The 24/7 site monitoring will be summarized in a report for all the 24 hours of the day when the website was tested for availability. In order to ensure that your site is optimally available, look into website monitoring to enjoy the returns of a fully functional site.

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