iPad Application Development Vs. iPhone Application Development or Singing along

By | October 9, 2011

Keeping the commitment to you of providing most interesting info from the mobile application development community, I am going to share one interesting info on iPad Application Development and iPhone Application Development ongoing cold war, or may be a song sung together so well that almost no one knows the difference the developers face on device point of views and also on development point of view. I hope this will help you see more in-detail to the respective fields and checkout the latest happening on the app development filed.

Since the launch of iPad, there is a wide spread confusion in clients on what platform they want their app or game to be developed for? Go for iPad Application Development or an iPhone Application Development? Well, here is some explanation on how to decide and what will be more beneficial to you. So, is it so different? Or can you have app for both of them? Answer is ‘Yes’ they sing along and it is more beneficial to have and app for both then to have it developed for only one. So, what will be the cost effect and also the time line?

Cost of the application might increase due to having application for both platforms, but you also need to understand that with iPad Application Development and iPhone Application Development you are doubling your user base and widening your market, reaching millions of more users. More interesting thing is it won’t affect time line provided for the development, as one Sr. Developer from Morpheous and app Development Company told us, that most of the app development is done parallel and so if you give iPad Application Development and iPhone Application Development for same app, it will be done parallel so time is almost same of developing app for one platform or for two platforms.

But before your give your app for iPad Application Development and iPhone Application Development both, make sure you app does have usability in both of the platforms as mentioned in my previous articles. So, when you go for developing your next application I advise you to go for both platforms and make sure time line of development provided by developing company is not doubled, if it is the case then they might not have resources to put on your project, so take care while choosing the company for development. I hope this will help you make decision about getting your idea published as an iPad and iPhone App.