Keep Your Windows Registry Clean with Auslogics Registry Cleaner

By | December 23, 2011

To most people who are not computer professionals, Registry is a scary word. The most you may know about the Windows Registry is that it plays a very important role in the operating system’s work, and that it should not be tinkered with. The first part is absolutely true, but the second is questionable. With any application you install, any hardware or device you connect to your computer, there are registry entries created. When you connect a Plug & Play device, notice how it is recognized and launched right away? When you go to open a .doc file, notice how your default document editor is launched for this task? Or when you log into your system under your user name, how you get your favorite desktop background and access to your applications and files that may not be accessible under other user accounts? You probably don’t pay attention to these things, as they are so routine and common, but they (just like most other actions and processes on your computer) are all made possible by the mighty Windows Registry and would not be possible without it.

Now that you know how important the registry is, can you imagine what can happen when something goes wrong inside it? Programs running on your computer will access the registry millions of times every day. Any registry error can prevent these programs from working properly, and make the system unstable, or what’s worse – unbootable. Some errors have less impact on the system than others, but with errors accumulating over time, the Registry can become a real mess.

We all know that messes require cleaning, but registry cleaning is a job that requires a lot of skill. Delete a wrong entry, and your computer may not boot anymore. There are a lot of registry maintenance programs available today, but many of them, when used by an inexperienced person, can easily make such cleaning errors inevitable. This is where Auslogics Registry Cleaner comes into play. The program is fast, reliable, recommended by the IT industry’s most trusted reviewers and best of all – it is absolutely free. The thing that separates this application from most other registry maintenance tools is its gearing toward inexperienced users, with more advanced options available at the same time to IT professionals.

Auslogics Registry Cleaner for average users
If you don’t know much about registry keys and can’t tell whether fixing an error found during a scan will cause any problems, you can simply select Check Safe Only and be sure there will be no negative effect on applications or system performance. This option tells the program to only scan the categories and fix the errors that are absolutely safe to scan and fix. Like all Auslogics’ products, the Registry Cleaner has a very easy-to-use intuitive interface, with not too many buttons or settings you have to go through, but at the same time it leaves the user in control of the application’s every action. When you are still cautious changing the registry even in the Safe mode, all you do is just check the Backup Changes option and breathe easy knowing that you can always revert the registry to the way it was before you launched the Cleaner.

Auslogics Registry Cleaner for tech-savvy users
For those who know their way around all those keys, Auslogics Registry Cleaner provides unsurpassed functionality through advanced settings, detailed descriptions of all errors found and the option to individually select which categories to scan or which errors to fix. You can add certain registry keys to the Ignore list so they are not touched by the program. The detailed report at the end of the cleaning will tell you everything that was done to your registry by the application.

Summary of Auslogics Registry Cleaner features
To sum it all up, here are the main features that make Auslogics Registry Cleaner the tool of choice of well over a million users worldwide:

– Clean and simple user interface
– Safe mode for an average user, and advanced functionality for IT professionals
– Ability to individually select which categories to scan, errors to fix or ignore
– Ability to create backups and easily restore the registry to its previous state, if necessary
– Descriptions of all errors found and a detailed report after the cleaning
– Best price on the market – FREE

Auslogics Registry Cleaner is the best tool you can find for registry maintenance. It will wipe out outdated registry entries, fix corrupt keys and bring your registry to the state of inner peace and stability.