Kingdom of Cambodia the Kingdom of Wonder Invites Beautiful Mother Nature Lovers

By | February 17, 2012

Cambodia unites exotic culture and tropic nature with a main focus on jungle and white lotus flowers. 2 very opposite seasons, a long heavy rainfall season followed by a many months lasting dry season split up the year and botany into 2 different extrema. Hot and dry or mostly inundated. For mother nature lovers the rain season certainly is more beautiful as all vegetation is lush and green, while from traveling and sight seeing point of view the dry season is more sunny and easy to travel for culture and temple visits.

The Kingdom of Wonder is one of the most exquisite Land and certainly one of the most alien Kingdoms conceivable on earth. A culture so different from all else on this planet, people like from a different planet. Kampuchea has a tropical climate just just like the Philippine Islands, yet only a few mountains, no Storm season. A very temperate tropic hot climate with strong rainy season and dry season. The Kingdom of Cambodia is affected by some 30 years of state of war and political struggle from inside and outside. Many lands messing around with the happiness and different culture of the Kingdom and its people. Kingdom of Cambodia has one of the most beautiful nature scenery in South East Asia. Mind blowing landscape with ample lush tropical botany, delightful exotic fruits and veggies, exotic flowers, thousands of lotus flowers and lotus ponds around the country.

The beauty of any real kingdom is the constancy of its ruling, provided you have a male monarch of wisdom and deepest passion for all its people, poor and rich, simple or technical. Life’s true beauty is beyond the outer appearance of a land, life is the result of inner wealth and genuine love among all. A kingdom can and always will likely be more prospering from a holistic point of view than any popular authorities ever can be. A genuine kingdom has a king and ideally a female monarch sacrificing their lives for the wellbeing and happiness of all their children. A true kingdom is like God’s kingdom, one undivided family unit – all being children of the king. Children of love.

Egyptian water lily and water lilies of Kingdom of Cambodia.

Kingdom of Cambodia is the Kingdom of nymphaea lotus flowers and water lilies. Which Is Used to consume, as offerings to Buddha or simply for its beauty as ornamental flower. I enjoy the beauty and sweet fragrance of Cambodian white and pink lotus and thus you see a developing collection of Lotus and water lily photos in a photo album of its own. Lotus lovers will enjoy my new collection Lotus wallpaper.

Traveling in Kampuchea is straightforward.

Travel to and within Cambodia is easy. The people of Kampuchea are most caring for visitors. To explore the sweetness of this exotic Kingdom, time and love should be used. Life is natural and very tropical. Tropical means hot – hot and wet or hot and dry, dependent upon the time of year you selected. Rainy season starts around summer time May and ends late fall October November. Rainy season has sunny hours in the forenoon and heavy rainfall in afternoons. Dry season often has no rainfall in the least for most weeks or months and thus all nature gets soon dry and dust covered.