Kitchen Apron: The Rich History Behind it

By | October 2, 2011

Kitchen apron started out as an ordinary but essential part of a woman’s attire, and its history goes back to your grandmother’s time.

Kitchen apron started out as an ordinary but essential part of a woman’s attire, and its history goes back to your grandmother’s time. You will certainly recall how your grandmother used to wear one. Sometimes, you will see her wearing the same kitchen apron everyday when she’s at home.

Aprons are specifically made for one purpose – to keep the clothing clean as you do your chores and take care of the children. Kitchen aprons were considered as an essential clothing for many middle class women during the early centuries. Their small closets consisted only of one or two dresses and a pair or two of aprons. Those belong to the higher status didn’t bother to wear kitchen aprons because they already have the household staffs to take care of the household chores and the children.

During the early 30s, the brightly colored fabrics of the aprons became the trend. The kitchen aprons were built for practically rather than for fashion. The long waist frocks cover the entire clothing, and it was buttoned at the back. Those were the hard times after the Great Depression and nothing ever got wasted. The aprons were made out of feed sack fashioned with buttons and pockets.

By the end of World War, the kitchen aprons started to take shape. Sleek waistlines were emphasized, and more designs were shown in the magazine front covers. Customized apron with embroideries started to appear in the mainstream, and most dinner hosts were often seen wearing one. These vintage aprons are one of the sought-after items of collectors. They can be found in flea markets, antique shops and online retailers such as Apron Point.

The full body aprons with cute tiny phrases describing about the cook or the chef appeared in the 1960s. As Sunday gatherings and backyard grill becomes increasing popular, the homemade aprons are excellent gift for your dad or your granddad.

Kitchen aprons were familiar for everyone. You could have made your first kitchen apron on your home economics class, or had asked your mother to allow you to use her sewing machine in order to make your first project: Your personal kitchen apron.

Although they bring about the nostalgic mood, they’re nonetheless one of the most useful product all around. Kitchen apron protects our clothes from getting smudges and greases. Gone were the days when you hesitate on wearing your favorite white shirt for fear of having it stained with spaghetti sauces. You might want to prefer the flamboyant bib apron when dealing with your guests. Enjoy and have fun wearing a classic yet fashionable statement!