Know about types of Ink available in Market

By | February 12, 2012

Printer ink types that are available in the market are pigmented liquids that include a variety of materials. Out of the most common materials used in inks, common ones are biocides, dyes, pigments, resins and humectants. With regard to prices, pigment based inks are expensive than dye based inks. The quality of any print is hugely dependant on the type of ink used and the printer. Pigment based inks work wonders for any printer (provided it can use such inks) and produces images that dry fast and is much water proof. On the other hand, sharp images and photos can only be printed by dye based inks, and these inks can be stored for long durations without any damage.

The Basic Solvent inks: These inks are called solvent because they have volatile organic compounds with pressure of vapor. These are known to be fade resistant and are a type of pigmented inks. These inks are cheap and inexpensive and can be printed on a variety of surfaces and papers. One can purchase bulk ink on various online portals for printing commercial items like graphics for vehicles, banners, and adhesive materials. Solvent inks overcome some of the most drawbacks of aqueous inks as these are waterproof and UV resistant.

UV curable inks: UV ink is made of acrylic monomers and is loaded with an initiator package. After the printing has been the done, the image is exposed to strong UV light for quick drying. UV inks are known for creating exceptionally sharp and robust images, which is the main reason for the expensive prices. However, one of greatest disadvantages of UV ink is the need of ‘curing modules’ in a printer and, therefore, are primarily used in flatbed printers. Bulk ink of this range can be purchased on reliable online shopping portals with some lucrative discounts.

Among the most common branded inks in the market, the vivera series from HP deserves a particular mention. It is known for creating images that last for 110 years without any damage. The Epson Durabrite ink is another pigment based ink that’s known for quick drying and is excellent for printing on both sides of paper. For smart pictures that dazzle from a distance, Lexmark Evercolor Ink is a fair sample. It uses multi color printing techniques for creating quality images. It is best to buy inks from online companies because they have the best stock and discounts.