Laptop Keyboard – Replacement and Safety Issues

By | September 28, 2011

“Tick –tak- tick” there goes your fingers on the keyboard. To top this effect is that damn hard tap on the “enter” key, as if you have some last minute scores to settle with it. Laptop keyboard is one of the most basic parts; its importance is seldom realized by us. But if you have ever faced a time when you found a key missing in your keyboard or an erased key, or perhaps as sticky key, you would know how it feels. To emphasis more, it does not feel good at all.

Home based laptop keyboard repair obviously does not offer a respite, as it is temporary. Therefore to be on the safer side, be more generous and gentle on those keys, the next time you set to use them.Keeping this perspective in mind here are some tips and steps for protecting your keyboard. Follow them and keep you keyboard safe, and you could possibly avoid a laptop keyboard repair. But as an advice, if someday you do require repairing go for professional laptop keyboard repair.  

In Short – Cleaning Steps For Laptops keyboardsIf you want to save yourself the cost of laptop keyboard repair follow the steps given below.  

1) Take a small brush with gentle bristles and swipe is over the keyboard back and forth, up and down.

2) Being a laptop keyboards it is not possible to invert it and take out the remaining food and dust particles. So the best way is to take a small vacuum cleaner and blow air to the key cavities.

3) If you require cleaning a keyboards through a solution use alcohol based solution. It will be great remedy for the oil stained keys, left after long working hours and callous eating.Keep Your Keyboards Safe – Use It This Way 

1) Placing too much pressure on the keys is quite damaging, hence be gentle on the keys. A swift tab on the keys endows the same effect as a hard one would. 

2) Those heavy works days accompanied with coffee, drink sips could be dangerous for the keyboards, if it spills. So avoid this very common factor,

 3) Laptop keyboard covers are sure great protection but don’t go for those which function partially. Another factor which could be a bothering, is always buy a cover which fits with the model of your laptop keyboard, so go with the best compatible design.