lifting chains

By | October 4, 2011

Lifting chains are not a new thing for us. Almost all of us have seen them being used at various places in different ways. They are being used since the ancient times when prisoners were treated brutally and were shackled in these chains only. However, this does not exist anymore. Now-a-days, these chains are mostly being used in construction and for other industries uses. The prime use of lifting chains is at the construction site. They can be put into various uses including lifting heavy loads by attaching one end to a crane and the other to snatch block, or they can also be used to lock important materials within boxes. These are just a few of the many uses of these chains used all around the world. You can find these lifting chains put into different uses according to their making and designs specific for the assigned task.


There are many companies dedicated into manufacturing lifting chains. They have brought in huge innovation and changes to ensure better performance of these chains. The first and foremost requirement of these chains is that they should be very strong and capable to carry heavy loads. Therefore, the manufacturing companies have paid special attention to this aspect and are in the continuous process of improving the quality and strength of these lifting chains. Furthermore, various other equipments have been introduced which can be used along with these chains to enhance the productivity and usability of these chains. Some of the major equipments include connecting links, clevis hooks and shortening clutches to quote a few. Together, these equipments make up lifting chain kits. These innovations have been introduced in lifting chains mainly due to the growing demand of safer, better, and affordable equipments to move heavy objects with peace of mind.


There are a number of companies manufacturing and selling lifting chains in the market. In such a scenario, choosing the right chains becomes a tough task mainly because wrong or inappropriate choices may lead to disastrous consequences. First of all, don’t let the technical names of these chains confuse you. You must concentrate on the main agenda, that is, to buy the perfect  lifting chains  for the assigned task. You must be clear in mind about the amount of weight you intent to lift using these chains as well as the frequency and actual use you intend to extract. This exercise will give you a somewhat clear idea about your requirements. Then you can simply refer to the manufactures charts available with each one of them. You will the surely be able to choose the correct length, size and thickness of the lifting chains you need for the assigned task.

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