Food Trends in the UK. What the UK is Eating Now ?

By | October 4, 2011

Top Food Trends in the UK

Over the last year, we’ve seen a ton of different dishes make a huge splash in the UK market. There’ve been unicorn food (a swirl of different colors), chia seed-based recipes, and turmeric sprinkled on basically every rice dish imaginable. Although the trend seems to go strong, there are new trends in the food and beverage industry that are beginning to make their mark. Here are some of the biggest changes to hit the UK market in 2018.

Mish-Mash Cuisine
Otherwise known as “fusion cuisine,” this also is nothing new, but it’s gaining incredible traction in the UK market. Some of the most popular mish-mash cuisines include Japanese-Mexican, Southeast Asian-South Asian, and Portuguese-African, with the latter being the most popularized form of fusion cuisine in mainstream fast-food restaurants such as Nando’s. Their restaurants have varying business hours, so make sure you check out Nando’s London opening hours to grab yourself a plate of their world-renowned PERi-PERi Chicken.

Gut-Friendly Fermented Foods
Gut flora-enhancing foods and beverages aren’t exactly new. Yakult made its way into the market by promoting the idea that “good bacteria” will trump whatever harmful substances are present in your digestive tract. Modern consumers are looking past the yogurt drink and are thinking of innovative ways to enhance our gut flora, and it appears that Asian foods are the way to do it. Side dishes from East Asia like kimchi and kombucha from Korea are taking the UK by storm.

Japanese Junk Food
Sushi, miso soup, and ramen can step aside for the time being. In 2018, the UK market is leaning more towards the indulgent side of Japanese food to satisfy their cravings. The “dude food” from Japan takes an array of classic dishes such as deep-fried tofu in broth, skewered chicken, and yakitori, and supersizes the quantity to shareable portions. Though fried foods and sugar-heavy dishes are slowly being filtered out by the more health-conscious generation, sharing large portions of rich, fatty foods is one way to satisfy our guilty pleasure.

Pineapples are Steadily Replacing Avocados
The avocado craze took the US, UK, and Asian markets by storm. It’s been served as a spread on toast, incorporated into chocolate desserts, and even became the main ingredient in Asian beverages, but it seems that the oblong fruit is making its out the door, only to be replaced by the increasingly popular pineapple. Sales of the spiky fruit in the UK have increased by 15% compared to the slowing 10% of the avocado. It’s not just the controversial Hawaiian pizza that’s contributing to the sales hike – pineapple juice, slices, chunks, snacks, and concentrates have all felt dramatic boosts in popularity.

The Fourth Meal
Apart from breakfast, lunch, and dinner, there is an increasing number of people who are trying to fit in a mini-meal during the late hours of the night. This isn’t about gluttony or greed, but rather it’s about adjusting your eating schedule to suit your busy life. The fourth meal can be during any time of the day, depending on when you need an energy boost, and there’s no rule on whether it has to be a small portion or a generous one. If you need it, you should eat it.