List out the Various Elements of Communication Process

By | February 13, 2012

Expertise: Advertisement can be made by well qualified professional who are experts in their respective fields. Many firms experts their products endorsed by the experts like doctors, engineers, professors, sportsman etc. For example, Sachin Tendulkar, a famous cricket personality endorses health drinks like Boost.

Trustworthiness: Consumers will trust familiar people around them like their friends, and family, not strangers. If a well-established company that already has goodwill in the market introduces a new product, consumers will trust that company more easily than a company which is new in the market.

Likeability: It refers to the attractiveness of the promotion technique. Consumers may like the presentation of the message.

Any interference of unwanted elements or distraction to the sender or the receiver in the process of communication. For example, loud sound in the background will hinder the receiver from hearing the message. Here loud sound is noise.

Communication is exchanging meaningful information. Communication process refers to the process of transferring the message from the sender to the receiver. It includes various elements.

1. Sender: One who creates the message and send it.

2. Receiver: One gets the message.

3. Message: It is the meaningful information which is to be exchanged.

4. Encoding: Framing the message to be sent.

5. Medium: Media through which message can be conveyed to the target receiver. It can be direct or indirect.

6. Decoding: Interpretation of the message by the receiver.

7. Response Feedback: Reaction of the receiver to the message. And answering or replying the message.

8. Noise: Any interference or distraction in the process of communication.

In what way marketing communication strengthens brand loyalty?

Marketing communication can help to strengthen brand loyalty. Marketing communication helps to remind the customers about the product and make them aware of the new innovations.

Differentiate Brand Extension and Brand Loyalty.

Brand Extension: It refers to a marketing strategy where the company uses its well established brand for a different product category. For example Maggi Tomato Ketch up is a brand extension of Maggi Noodles.

Brand Loyalty: It is when customer buys a same brand repeatedly again and again without switching to any other brand.

What is marketing communication in context of overall marketing?

Marketing communication refers to a systematic process and a scientific way of spreading pertinent marketing information by applying mix of media to the target segments and other publics. Consumers are offered a variety of products and brand choices which raise the competition in the market. So, marketing managers have to disseminate unique and attractive marketing messages to their target market.

What are the trends in physical distribution system?

Increase in Roadways.
Decrease in Railways.
Rising light goods carriers and
Heavy goods carriers.
Improvement in water transport.
Growth of airways.
Emergence of Just-in-time.
Changing role of distributions.
Restriction on heavy goods carriers.
Increase in traffic jams.

Roadways have been improved and so less of railways are used to transport goods from one place to another. Water transport has improved and made the transfer of goods easier. Growth in airways has helped to transfer goods more quickly. Emergence of Just-in-time which means to facilitate inventory Just-in-time before the stock out is reached by efficient distribution system.