Make guidebooks a travel companion

By | October 11, 2011

Finding the perfect holiday getaway is everyone’s dream. But where do you start? Guidebooks are essential to any holiday preparation.

There are a plethora of guidebooks available for a whole host of cities, even obscure ones. From Albuquerque to Zakynthos, you’ll always know how to spend every precious second of your break.

Many guidebooks are separated into sections such as general information, tourist attractions, entertainment, nightlife, hotels and places to eat and drink. So whether you enjoy learning about the history of a statue or finding the hottest club in the city, a guidebook will provide you with the information so that little of your precious break is wasted wandering aimlessly.

General information is vital in finding out the weather at various stages of the year and culture. From this you can gain a perspective into what spending time there will be like. You can also find out the local currency or the various transport methods available to you in reaching the destination.

Tourist attractions are one of many reasons why people travel to cities. Guidebooks can act as a substitute for expensive audio guides and give you more time than a guided tour would. A must for visiting any major sight that is likely to attract a flock of tourists are hints and tips to avoid large crowds. Guidebooks suggest the best time to arrive to see a sight in all its glory, allowing you to take the perfect picture without random people in the way.

Another useful feature guidebooks provide is suggested itineraries. These are great time savers for those who can’t decide what to see. By providing the best route, you’ll be directed to highlights. Usually the routes are themed – such as attractions by a certain artist or a trail of the best places to try the local delicacies.

Not only are guidebooks useful before you jet off, they can be essential when in the heart of the city. There’s nothing worse than getting lost in a city that you’re unfamiliar with. Guidebooks provide a number of hints and tips to help you. Included is a list of helpful words and phrases so you’ll never be stuck for the correct word and finding a local and asking for directions becomes easier too.

Maps are essential for finding where you are or working out a path to your destination. Points of interest that coincide with the information found in the guidebook such as public transport and tourist attractions can also aid you.

Guidebooks will often give choice picks of hotels and dining experiences and rate them which will indicate the quality of food and drink available. This means you will never go hungry or miss a meal whether you want a quick snack or lavish five course meal with the finest wine available. They will often provide a price bracket too so you won’t be shocked when the bill arrives!

If you’re taking part in extreme sports such as bungee jumping, water skiing or white water rafting, guidebooks will advise you on health conditions and travel insurance to make sure you won’t be disappointed when you arrive to take part.

Using a guidebook could create that perfect holiday that will you’ll remember for a lifetime.