Memory Foam Mattresses – For Comfortable Night’s Sleep

By | September 21, 2011

Memory foam has been around for much longer than many people think and the very first commercial memory foam mattresses appeared around twenty years ago. Prior to that, the very first concept of memory foam appeared in the mid 1960’s where it was developed as part of NASA’s space programme.

Numerous people desire to take memory foam mattress experience at least one time in their life. Memory foam is one of the most relaxed materials for person. The memory foam that you prefer and love was discovered by NASA for use in the space shuttle program.

Since those early days, the market in memory foam mattresses has increased tremendously and here at Zleeps we firmly believe that we have the best selection of mattresses around. All of the mattresses in our range are competitively priced and we are certainly that you won’t find cheaper products without having to compromise on quality.

For some time, it was thought by consumers that memory foam mattresses were only suitable for those who suffered with back or other health problems. While it’s true that Doctors and Physiotherapists extensively recommend memory foam, you don’t have to suffer from any condition to enjoy the comfort and luxury that it provides. After all, we all crave a good night’s sleep and memory foam mattresses give us the best possible chance of achieving just that. This mattress took some years for general people, but the method was completed and memory foam mattresses became most demanded in the market. If you like to take experience of these mattresses you have to pay little high cost compare to normal mattress.

As soon as you lay on the mattress, the upper layers of memory foam start to react to your body’s heat and in turn they become flexible. In a short space of time they will ‘memorise’ the shape of your body and mould around it, mimicking your form perfectly.

All the time this is going on, the lower layers of the memory foam mattresses remain solid and this is a perfect combination of comfort and support. This is why memory foam is so good for back sufferers but this unique quality makes it suitable for everyone.

Memory foam is also hypoallergenic so it is completely resistant to dust mites and it is designed without springs so that it is safer and easier to transport and install.

At Zleeps, we realise that you take pride in all the furniture in your home so why compromise when it comes to a mattress? With our beautiful range of luxurious memory foam mattresses anyone can enjoy a blissful night’s sleep thanks to its unique design.