Money Saving Water Purification Applications

By | September 25, 2011

Manufacturers who require industrial water purification and water purification system technologies, often think of them as necessary expenses.

Manufacturers who require industrial water purification and water purification system technologies, often think of them as necessary expenses. But especially during challenging economic times, investment in water purification and treatment can also be highly profitable.

Savings Through Water Purification

Water has become a significant budget and environmental concern of industrial companies, and it is a commodity that is becoming more scarce and more expensive each year.

Noncompliance with regulatory agencies can result in financial penalties, downtime and adverse publicity. But significant amounts of water can be recycled and used again in the manufacturing process after undergoing a water purification process.

So by leveraging the capabilities of water purification technology, a manufacturer can recapture extraordinary amounts of bottom line revenue.

Reducing Chemical Consumption with Alternate Water Purification Technology

Consider the issue of supply and demand in an era when the price of industrial chemicals and metals is spiking upward. Those can also be conserved or preserved with a water purification system.

When high pressure boiler systems and equipment need routine demineralization of the boiler feedwater, for example, this typically demands the use of chemicals like liquid caustic or sulfuric acid. But these are both expensive and may be allocated by suppliers in times of tight supply and high demand. Adequate supplies may be located and delivered slowly, and during those long delays, prices continue to rise and plant downtime can occur.

Using reverse osmosis water purification, however, reduces the loading on demineraliers by as much as 98 percent – which affords an almost directly proportionate decrease in the need for high-priced demineralizer chemicals. That can translate into net savings of thousands of dollars within a single year.

Outsourcing Costly Water Purification Systems

Of course not all businesses can afford the capital outlay necessary to have their own water purification systems or on-site engineers. Fortunately for them there are some water purification companies that offer many convenient services and products related to water purification for manufacturers.

Such services include, for instance, emergency mobile water purification, portable water purification, and commercial water purification system consultations. Some water purification companies can take care of every conceivable type of water purification need for manufacturing – whether that requires process water purification, water purification filters, or mobile water purification, to name a few.

So it is possible and affordable to contract with an outsourcing water purification company that handles everything from RO water purification and UV water purification to water conditioning or water purification equipment design and oversight.

Taking advantage of professional water purification engineers, temporary mobile and long term “vendor-owned, vendor-maintained” water purification systems, and appropriate commercial water purification system innovations can eliminate a wide range of financial concerns. Meanwhile it contributes to seamless performance that enables companies to stay highly competitive and productive.

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