New text looks for your business card made easy

By | October 2, 2011

Why don’t get a new text look for your business cards. Review and do all the options listed and see what is the best business card text style for you.

Want some new looks in your text for your custom business cards? Well you have come to the right place. This tutorial will cover all the precise techniques that you will want to use for your business cards. We will cover here all the steps that will help you creatively enhance the text of your business cards to maximize their impact. It takes all these tricks to make a new look for your business cards, so read on start to finish and try to learn from these.

1. Just get a new font style – A new font style of course will get you some new looks for your business card. It is that easy really since the text style of course will define exactly what design theme you have for your custom business cards. Take note though that you should not use any new font style out there.

Get a good font style that helps you project the professional image that you want to readers, while at the same time being distinct enough to actually look fresh new and memorable. There are tons of free fonts out there so do not be afraid to try out new stuff.

2. Re-orient your text – Now, a great way to actually enhance the look of your text content for business cards is to re-orient your text. Instead of just text that is horizontal or vertical, have you tried adding diagonally oriented content letters for your business cards. Sometimes a small deviance like this can already make waves with people, getting you more exposure and a really new look with your cards. So test out and see if this will work with your prints.

3. Add modern dynamic color styles – Remember that the text of your business cards should not have only a single color. The more modern type of text content usually has dynamic color styles that use multiple color hues seamlessly changing in a color gradient style mix.

These dynamic styles are great for business cards that need a modern more innovative touch that people like nowadays particularly for business networking type or marketing type cards So do not go cheap with your colors really. Add those dynamic modern styles to make your business card look very hip and in with the times

4. Add reversed embossing and shadows – After colors, you should also divert your attention to the special effects that you can use for your business card text. One of the best ones that you can use are the reversed embossing effect and shadows effect.

This is the procedure wherein you add inner shadows in your text and make them look like they were etched of coursed embossed only in a reversed kind of way. Add to this a textured material in your business cards themselves, you can have a very impressive and thematic way to improve your designs and help you with real work.

5. Use stroke lines and shadows – Finally if you have a complicated style color theme in your business card, one of the best tools that you can use are stroke lines and shadows. These additional type blending options that you can apply in business cards allow you to make your card content a lot more visible, even if the matching theme makes your content a little bit harder to read. The stroke lines and shadows should easily help make your text content a lot more readable and proper for your business cards.

Good! Now why don’t you get a new text look for your business cards. Review and do all the options listed and see what is the best business card text style for you.