Openings – Timing is Everything for Your Business

By | December 21, 2020

nationwide opening times

Openings – Timing is Everything for Your Business

When is the nationwide opening times differ from one state to another? This could be asked many times when someone is planning for a new business. However, there is no straight answer to this question. There are certain factors that are considered in the calculation of these opening hours but these depend on the location of the business and its nature of industry.

The basic rule is to consider the national origin and therefore, business type as well. A restaurant for example, needs to cater to the national culture of the people. If it is serving Mexican food items then it is serving Mexican food. Hence, these establishments are restricted by the law to follow the local laws and regulation at all times.

What about other business? Can they serve alcohol or not? Well, some of the establishments do not have the option to open at midnight and therefore, they are not able to serve alcohol. Others too cannot serve alcohol at all because of the possible involvement of minors at the time of opening. Hence, the nationwide opening times given in any place are decided on the basis of these three criteria.

The rule of thumb for determining the opening hours is to determine whether the place will be visited mostly by college students during the day or mostly by other professionals. If the former are the visitors, then they are the ones who need the facilities at any hour of the day or night. Hence, the rule of thumb is to extend the working hours during the day. On the other hand, if the latter category is the majority of the visitors, then the opening hours for such establishment should extend until the wee hours of the morning or till the earlier hours of the evening.

Now that we have determined the factors determining the nationwide opening times, let us look at how we can make it happen. How can we make our establishments available to the students the entire day regardless of the hours? This is possible only when we employ enough staff to man the machines and the counters during the working hours. In this regard, there is no limit to the number of workers we can hire.

Further, we can increase the availability of the service areas and the seating capacity in our restaurants during the day. It is not necessary that we reduce the serving capacity at night. Rather, we should increase it during the day. This is possible only if we install sufficient outdoor lights around our premises. It is also necessary to keep a proper check on the working hours.

We can adopt the same strategy for our other service areas such as the canteen and the guestrooms. When students come for lunch, they expect to find food served in the same environment, at the same time and in the same manner as at home. They are not likely to complain if the food served in the canteen is below par or if the service is slow. They will surely appreciate the efforts made in making sure that they reach their places of study, work or worship without any delays.

There are many other aspects of running a business which can be done effectively and which will yield excellent results. Yet, we ignore them until they become apparent. One should always remember that we cannot open a business or a restaurant without students or customers. We should therefore ensure that we are open and ready at all times and must provide them with the best service so that they feel at home.