Outrageous Somalia Tips

By | December 10, 2011

The official name of Somalia is Somalia Democratic Republic. Somalia is situated in the Horn of Africa. Somalia is located in the east side of the Africa. Somalia is surrounded by Djibouti to the north west side, and bordered by Kenya to the South west, bordered by Yemen and Gulf of Aden to the north side, bordered by Indian Ocean to the east side and bordered by Ethopia to the west side, The civil war was started in Somali in 1991. Somali is divided in to 18 regions and then these regions are divided in to districts. The regions of Somali are Jubbada Hoosa, Jubbada Dhexe, Gedo, Bay, Bakool, Shabeellaha Hoose, Banaadir, Shabellaha Dhexe, Hiraan, Galguduud, Mudug, Nugaal, Bari, Sool, Sanaag, Togdheer, Woqooyi Galbeed and Awdal.

The Mountain range Cal Madow is located in the north east side of the Somalia. The Cal Madow has the heighest peak mountain in Somalia. Somalia has also rivers. The rivers names are Jubba and the Shabele. These both rivers are start from the Ethiopian Highlands.There are not many variations in the seasons of Somalia. The weather is usually hot through out the year. the monsoon winds and irregular rainfall is also in the Somali. The maximum temperature in Somalia ranges from 30 to 40 degree centigrade.The weather from December to March is the driest season of the year. The rainy season starts from April to June. In these months monsoon wind comes and weather is very pleasant. The weather from July to September is the second dry season in the Somalia.

The medical facilities damaged during the Civil war. The Doctors are not available. The deaths during the birth of baby are too much. Only 429 midwives are available in Somalia. The supply of medicine is not sufficient. The Somalia has lowest rate of HIV AIDS in the African continent. But now the government is taking the steps to better the medical facilities. The Ministry of health is doing many steps for the betterment of the health facilities. Qammar Adan Ali is the current health minister.The main hospitals in Somali are East Bardera Mothers and Children’s Hospital, Abudwak Maternity and Children’s Hospital, West bardera Maternity Unit and the Edna Adan Maternity Hospital. The growth of economy is moderate. The economy is based on the livestock, telecommunications and money transfer or remittance. The military of Somalia is consists of 10,000 troops. The Ministry of Defense is liable for the Armed forces.

The total population of Somali is almost 10 millions. The most of population of Somalia is Muslim. The majority of Muslims are Sunni and Shafi, some are also the Shia Muslim. Islam was the first region which comes in to Somalia.The Official language of Somalia is Somali and Arabic. The second languages are English and Italian.The cuisine of Somalia is different from one region to other. There are lots of varieties of Rice.The most favorite type of rice is Basmati.The rice is main dish of Somalia.