Party Dots as a safe no flame Candle Replacement

By | September 21, 2011

We all know that there is nothing like that soft flickering and flow of a lit candle. That light from the candle can be so many things, it can be romantic, relaxing, mystical and even a little magical too. Though in today’s world of work place health and safety your magical, mystical romance has all but gone up in flames in this ever-growing litigious world.

Most of us already know that there are literally hundreds of battery operated candles on the market and we all also know they have a great variance in their pricing, quality and function ability.  A new LED has come to market attention worldwide and its not just the balloon and party market. Party Dots come in six super bright colors of red, blue, white, green, orange and pink around the size of a USA nickel or Australian 10 cent piece.  On the side of these bright little peel and stick Party Dots is a tiny black function switch. This switch enables the user to change between function modes, on this one little exciting little light with the push of the button you can change from fast blink, to slow blink to a beautiful glow as well as turning on and off. Incredibly Party Dots run on just two small button cell batteries and can last up to 2-4 days from activation. With a minimum order of only 10 required at a cost of $1.45 each and even less for larger quantities why would anyone with half a brain care to be bothered about not being able to change out the batteries?

Just by dropping a Party Dot into a tea light candleholder you create a non-flame candle replacement completely safe LED light. Another great addition to the impressive list of what Party Dots can do is that you can theme your lighting with the addition of Party Dots in one of the six available colors. Now a candle cannot do that!

Another amazing use for Party Dots as a no flame safe candle replacement is inside of paper luminary bags. The light from that super bright little Party Dots changes the white paper bag to the corresponding Dot color. Now all you have to do is stand back and listen to the oohs and aaarghs and take the credit for this incredibly beautiful effect.

But why stop with only tea light holders and luminary bags?

Is there a birthday coming up? Friend, family, neighbour, work colleague or even yourself. Forget those messy candles that once blown out their fun is over and they are only good for the trash. Party Dots on cakes, around cake stands on cup cakes are just outstanding! Once the singing is over there is sure to be a breakout of squabbles from those surrounding young or young at heart every one will want a Party Dot to stick and play with.

The unique added bonus of the literally thousands of free labels online at from Happy Birthday to I love you to Anniversary there is surely to be one label there to suit almost any occasion. And if not there is the free online program to design your own Party Dot Label. Did I mention this was a free program!! In a nutshell, simply effective, unique, super bright and inexpensive and FUN. Party Dots are a great safe, no flame candle replacement.

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