Practical Tips for Contractors

By | October 11, 2011

Constructive tips for electricians looking to organize their tools , and find knowledge and parts .

“A place for everything and everything in its place!” Professional contractors usually say that phrase a lot and for good reason! Contractors are the ones that usually have 20 tool boxes full of electrician tools and air conditioner repair supplies, old parts, and a dozen of every sort of tool a home improvement specialist would have. They also know where all their supplies are at all times! If you do not have such a great tool placement memory, one of the easiest methods to help to incorporate organization into your tool shed is by hanging tools on a pegboard and then using a marker to outline the tools shape on the wall. If you do that, you know exactly what is missing, and anyone that might use a tool knows exactly where to put it back!

Internet Forums are great for discovering how to learn new techniques, ask questions about any issues that you have uncovered, or feed on other contractors’ innovations. If you are a green builder,’s forums are a great place to post sustainable ideas and create a discussion around them; also there are a lot of experts who participate in the forum that can look at the viability of the idea as well as noting if it has been tried! Otherwise, try finding a forum in the specialty that you are lacking in. is a fantastic forum full of electrician tradesmen that post pictures and talk of the challenges and truly feed off each other’s knowledge to be the best at what they do.

If you like to make sure your sheds are full of supplies to repair and create with, then start attending the auctions in your community! Auctions are not only for home owner’s estates, large home improvement companies often auction off their old or unused products allowing you to get some pretty awesome tools at pennies on the dollar .’s free section is also one of the best places to keep your eye on to get free supplies; they have everything from previously used doors to excess home repair supplies and broken electronics that you can take apart and use for creative projects or add to your parts collection.

If you have tons of free time on the weekends, hang around outside of a metal recycling center and wait for the prizes to roll in! From piping to random hardware , there are a host of supplies that are brought in to simply be recycled and if you offer the amount they would get from the metal recycling warehouse, you more than likely will get the prize. If that is not your style however, Habitat for Humanity generally has some great, previously used hardware, tools, and antique/vintage supplies at good prices.