Presents for mum should be special as they are very special to us

By | September 19, 2011

Gifts for special people in life should always be very special. Some such very special people in life are mum and dad, some close friends, siblings and so on. Therefore, selection of gift for friends or choosing presents for mum should be done very carefully. Before venturing out to buy gifts for such special people in life, it is very important to plan gifts for them. It is not important that presents for mum or gift for friends ought to be very expensive. What matters is the feeling that goes out with the gifts and or presents and the way the gifts are presented. Infact it would be really great if you can make something with your own hands as presents for mum and as gift for friends. One thing is sure. Both your mum and your friends are going to just love those gifts and keep it with themselves for the rest of their lives. Some gifts that can be made by you and given to mum and to friends as well are as follows:

  • Well made and framed collages can be great presents for mum as well as wonderful gift for friends. For making a collage, you need to collect many pictures. Select the best pictures from the lot and make a collage out of that. For your mum, you can collect pictures of her spinster days, of her marriage day, of the day when you were born and many such family pictures, which have lots of sweet memories associated with them. If you are making a collage for your friend, you can select pictures that speak of the best times that you spent with each other. After making the collage, take it to a shop where pictures are framed. Frame the collage and present it to your mum or to your friends.
  • You can also make nice gift baskets as a gift for friends as well as presents for mum. For friends, you can put their favorite things in the basket, say some video CDs, some chocolates, attractive pens, stationary materials, story books, candies etc. For your mum, you can make a nice collection of story books, recipe books, music CDs or movie DVDs and place it in the basket. If your mother likes make up, you can put some cosmetics in the basket too. Wrap the basket well with an attractive and bright wrapping paper and gift it on their special day. You can see the joy on their face when they open the gift basket and unravel the gift items from within.
  • Some common gift for friendsas well as presents for mum would include nice coffee mugs, photo frames or some other kinds of keepsakes. You can personalize all such gift items and add a special touch to them. For instance, you can put a small note in the keepsake or in the photo frame along with a nice photograph of you two. You can also emboss your friend’s name on the coffee mug.