Recruitment Process Processing Trends

By | September 7, 2011

Recruitment Process Outsourcing, commonly known as RPO, is the process of identifying, interviewing and putting the right candidates at the right positions in any organizational structure. RPO is a progressive market wherein many new trends can be seen easily. Let’s talk about the emerging trends in RPO which direct the service into a new direction:

Social Recruiting:

These days, companies focus on retaining candidates and maintaining a good relationship with them in a longer run. Recruitment as a process does not end with putting a person to his deserving designation but it is about nurturing a relationship that persists further because a happy resource can work happily and produce great value. The changing economies of scale has proven that social recruitment can be the only way to keep a person happy and content in the ongoing battle of the survival of the fittest. Adding candidates in the social networks will give you a weightage to nurture a healthier relationship.

Technology & Platform Proliferation:

No work area can stay untouched with the growing technological pace and platform proliferation. To bring innovation and advancement in the process of hiring the best resource, it becomes imperative to choose only the smartest strategies that work. The current trend is forcing companies to invest into finding the right strategies and methodologies that fulfill the needs easily. Nowadays, recruiters are reaping mobile technology to keep updated with the right pool of candidates for the suitable job.

Building an Employment Brand:

Another emerging trend is shaping up a brand name for employer so that best output can be extracted in the defined time period. A strong brand name works as a great advocate of reliability, good quality and a long-term partnership to leverage the best value from social recruiting sites and other online solutions.

Accessing the Contingent Workforce:

Nowadays, appreciation is noticed in accessing the contingent workforce. Appraisals are recording in all kinds of jobs such as IT, engineering, medicine and others. The high skilled and raked people are contingent producers and they are being tapped by different companies to get the best work done in the smartest manner. RPO professionals maintain a database of such people and outsource their services to employers. In such way, the process of recruitment is streamlined and consolidated to provide the best candidates for the suitable possible jobs anywhere.