Remarkable Riyadh

By | September 22, 2011

The beautiful kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the most exciting travel destinations in the world, and travellers from far and wide are now visiting it for a holiday filled with luxury and adventure. As one of the fastest growing cities in the world, Riyadh is a truly fascinating place to visit. The capital city of Saudi Arabia is also its largest, and is situated very close to the Arabian Peninsula, making it the perfect destination for anyone wanting to split their time exploring and relaxing.

Packed full of culture, stunning sights and exotic fragrances, Riyadh is fast becoming a hot ticket for holidaymakers in search of something a little different from the norm, and there is plenty to see and do in and around the magnificent city of skyscrapers and modern designs.

Start your adventure by learning more about the history of Saudi Arabia. In the centre of the city there this the King Abdul Aziz Historical Centre which is a new museum that is fascinating to wander around. Widely regarded as the National Museum of Saudi Arabia, the building houses several collections, including the ‘camel’s hump’ meteorite in the entrance hall.

Aviation enthusiasts can take a trip to the Royal Saudi Air Force Museum and browse through the wondrous collection of aircraft and related objects. The museum tracks the history of the Royal Saudi Air Force since its establishment in the 1920s, and has planes such as the Douglas DC-4, T-6 Texan and Tornado ADV F3 on display in both the indoor museum and outdoor park.

Anyone in need of a little retail therapy can stop by one of the many shopping malls in the city. You can find your favourite brands from back home to pick up anything you forgot to pack in your suitcase, or find that perfect item to commemorate your trip in stores you can only find in Saudi Arabia.

Visible from all over the city, tourists visiting Riyadh can stop by the Al-Faisaliah Tower. You can visit the shops on the ground floor and then take the elevator straight to the top and dazzle your palate inside the luxurious revolving restaurant. Eat inside the ‘Golden Ball’ at the top of the tower and enjoy the freshest ingredients while you rotate around and catch an unparalleled view of the city and its surrounding scenery.

Whether you’re coming into the Saudi Arabian capital for business or pleasure, there is plenty to keep you busy while you’re there. Stay at a hotel Riyadh that puts you in the centre of the action and unwind in the lap of luxury at the end of a busy day. That way, you’ll wake up each day feeling refreshed and ready to explore the exciting city of Riyadh.

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