Reseller Web Hosting

By | October 7, 2011

A trend that is increasingly gaining popularity among web entrepreneurs is reseller web hosting service. It is an inexpensive way to start a company, where the investment is low but the returns are high.

Reseller web hosting is a form of web hosting wherein an account owner can use his/her allotted hard drive space and bandwidth to host websites on behalf of third parties. A reseller purchases the host’s services wholesale and then sells them to customers for a profit. A certain portion of hard drive and bandwidth is allocated to the reseller’s account. He may rent a dedicated server from a hosting company, or resell shared hosting services.

Reseller web hosting is very useful for small companies that do not have advanced requirements for web hosting. The typical web hosting reseller might be a web design firm, web developer, or systems integrator who offers web hosting as an add-on service.

Reseller hosting does not require extensive knowledge of the technical aspects of web hosting. You can manage it from your own home as well. There is no need to purchase your own servers. Simply, purchase space from large firms and resell it to your clients.

If you want to establish your reseller hosting service, then the following guidelines will help you:

  • Research the market and find out details about the different deals that are available.
  • Once you find the best deal, market your services professionally to attract maximum customers.
  • Ensure good quality of your reseller web hosting service.
  • Allocate disk and bandwidth space effectively to gain and retain as many customers as possible.

Starting a reseller web hosting service is a good idea where you do not need to invest heavily to gain profits. With increasing demand for web hosting services, it is a good option to gain maximum benefits with limited financial resources.