Sacred Music of India

By | September 25, 2011

India is a country steeped in tradition and deeply rooted cultures and cultural practices. Music is an intrinsic part of the lives of people in the sub-continent. Bamboo flutes, hypnotic Sufi singers, the irresistible sounds of the tablas and harmoniums add colour and flavour which leaves a lasting impression on anyone who has been fortunate to hear the sacred music of India.

The music is deemed sacred because from centuries gone, the focus of music in India has always been about pleasing the gods and singing devotional songs to appease the gods and in turn hope and pray for prosperity and happiness. The earliest forms of music in India date back to the time of the Vedas where there was mention of chanting.

Many believe that sacred music has the power to heal the mind which is filled with stress and tension in these modern times. This type of music takes you into a state of peace and relaxation.  In India, where there are hundreds of gods worshipped, there is sacred music created for most of the main gods such as Sri Krishna, Sri Ram, and Sita Mata to name some of the most popular. In recent times, even the Hanuman Chaalisa is proving very popular to the youth.

Then, there is the soulful sound of Mirabai’s bhajans. This comes under the banner of devotional songs. These are poem-like songs which are lyrical and delicate in nature. These bhajans are dedicated to the powerful and dear god revered by millions of Indians, Shri Krishna.

Through her songs, Mirabai has expressed her eternal love for Shri Krishna. Her bhajans portray Shri Krishna as a king and sometimes as a lover. One must remember that these devotional songs are not meant to be erotic, but pure and pious. Through this soulful medium, Mirabai is longing for a union with her beloved Shri Krishna.

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