Saving The Rainforest While Having An Adventure

By | October 1, 2011

The rainforest is about life. Rain forests are wooded areas that receive more than 78 inches of rainfall a year and have temperatures that never reach freezing; the ecosystem that houses the largest amount of biodiversity on the planet.

Importance of Rainforests

More than half of the planet’s species still live in the rainforests. In addition, many food items you enjoy every day originally came from rain forests across the globe. Through photosynthesis, they are considered as the Earth’s lungs by absorbing carbon from the atmosphere and transforming it into life-giving oxygen, at the same time keeping our planet cool. They also help in recycling and cleaning our water supplies.

However, due to the wholesale deforestation, carbon has been constantly building up in our atmosphere. And while some 100 species will become extinct every day — many of them are still undiscovered and their qualities will be lost forever due to deforestation, there are Eco-tourism parks that are fighting to reverse this trend.

Rainforest Excursion Parks Conservation Programs

There are parks that support the rain forest sustainability, and exerts a lot of conservation effort to help with saving the tropical rain forests. Some of the programs that these parks execute for the preservation of the natural resources are as follows:

— Being aware of the need for conserving the natural environment and rainforests. The naturalist guides and teams are aware of the relevance of keeping the forest in its natural condition with minimum alteration that could break the ecosystem’s cycle, and visitors are likewise being educated to understand its importance.

— Conserving the use of energy, through the use of low consumption bulbs and white fluorescent light, as well as avoiding dark colored walls and ceiling because they absorb natural light and increase the need for artificial light.

— Conserving the use of water, by not allowing tap water to drop, while washing dishes, use of efficient shower heads, utilizing water used in washing vegetables for other purposes, and by planting autochthonous plants in the garden, those that require less water than more exotic plants, as well as allowing the grass to grow longer than normal before cutting which avoids water evaporation and thus less water will be required for watering.

Adventure in the Rainforests

Excursion parks, aside from educating visitors with the importance of conserving the environment, offers tourists and visitors to enjoy their rainforest tour with exciting activities and adventures. They allow visitors to glide through the suspended cables on top of the forest canopy in the zip line adventures. The not so athletic visitors, children and elders can also enjoy a ride atop the trees on aerial trams and gondolas. And they can also swing on a cable like Tarzan.

Aside from these adventures high on top of the trees, hikers can also trek through jungle trails, exploring the native flora and fauna of the rainforest.