Searching For the Right Vanity 800 Phone Numbers For Your Business

By | September 23, 2011

There are lots of tips on selecting vanity 800 phone numbers. Still, most don’t consider the real state of toll free numbers, which is that they are very rare. Everybody knows that the 800 prefix plus a vanity number attracts more clients in. But imagine if the number you want is unavailable? Here are some useful tips in choosing vanity 800 phone numbers.

Selecting vanity 800 phone numbers is not that hard with the many recommendations you can find. Still, most don’t take into account the real state of toll free numbers, which is that they’re very scarce. Everybody knows that the 800 prefix plus a vanity number attracts more clients in. But what if the number you like is not available? Here are a few useful tips in choosing vanity 800 phone numbers.

Take Into Consideration Number Hybrids

888-BUY-PETS is more valuable and easier to remember than hybrids of 800 phone numbers, which is the reason for their shortage. Without compromising recall, you can be more creative and select a hybrid number. For example, consider 1-888-777-PETS, or something with consecutive numbers like 888-123-DOGS.

Take Into Account 888

The true 800 prefix is the most commonly familiar amongst all the toll free numbers, but realistically speaking, none are available. SMS/800 released a bulletin in June 2010 showing that 100% of true 800 phone numbers are in use. Contradictory, there are 99.97% of 866 being used, 76.90% of 877 numbers, and 82.34% of 888 numbers. This translates to 1,409,445 out of 3,255,689 available toll free numbers. When you have others to select from, why pressure yourself out searching for an unavailable true 800 number? 888 is the next best option, because it’s been out in the market for 14 years. Nearly everybody should be able to identify the 888 prefix by now.

Take Into Consideration Overdials, But Emphasize The Added Digits

One of the most frustrating things is when you come across an 800 number that goes past seven digits. This is also counterproductive to the use of vanity 800 phone numbers because ninety percent of mobile phone callers won’t get connected if they punch in the extra digits. You might fight this issue with better promotional strategies. Put the extra numbers in parentheses, e.g. 888-777-GRAS[S] or make the additional numbers stand out by utilizing a different font, to obtain the full benefits out of your vanity number.

Don’t Go Overboard With The Overdials

That said, you can take into consideration an overdial of one to two extra numbers, but three might be a bit excessive. If you have an auto receptionist, having more numbers increases the probability of consumer calls being directed into extensions or in the worst-case situation, of the call not coming through.

Avoid Shared Use 800 Phone Numbers

A shared use number is a toll free number which is solely licensed only in your specific business region. This means that the number is utilized by other companies in other locations. Most businesses do this to get access to a rare vanity number. While shared use can prevent undesirable calls from coming in, it also falls short of portability. In the event you want to expand or change service providers, you can’t take your shared use number with you. The best vanity number is still the one that you own. It might be difficult to select effective vanity 800 phone numbers these days, but with a bit of creativity, it’s not impossible.