Selection of the Right Film School

By | October 3, 2011

Perhaps you are on the crossroads of your career and want to make informed decisions. Choosing the right film school and location solves majority of the problem.

Perhaps you are on the crossroads of your career and want to make informed decisions. Choosing the right film school and location solves majority of the problem. Students based in Europe are choosing capital cities such as Dublin to start their entrance into this ever-changing world. Choosing a film school that incorporates innovation in studies, keeping in pace with the demand of the current market is the key to becoming a successful film maker. Many film schools have started springing up but few understand the importance of balancing trends versus timeless techniques.

The abundance of schools has caused a lot of confusion in selecting the right ones. Invariably every film schools have their unique strengths and their own share of weaknesses. But the primary point to consider is whether the film school is the one suitable for you. It is quite possible that a renowned school may offer excellent training in directing skills, but may not be the same where screenwriting is concerned. And if you happened to step in such a school for learning screenwriting skills, then you may not gain much. Hence it is crucial to research enough about the filmmaking institution before securing admissions there. Look for those schools that hold a great reputation for a particular aspect in the film career.

Another thing worth considering is whether the faculties in the institute are in anyway linked to the industry. It is only someone who has hands-on experience who can help students understand the concepts meticulously. Will you have access to software and equipment that is being used by current filmmakers? How much time is being spent in practical studies versus theoretical studies. Unless you do get a chance to apply what you have learnt, a library of learning will still be futile. Ensure that more importance is given to working with camera, rather than plain classroom instructions. Few film schools go a step further by accepting internship proposals from companies and allow students to gain experience as a part of the project.

Nowadays schools have also started offering additional courses. It can enhance your skills and add to your learning. Check for the quantity and quality of these courses. Attending these programs can help you gauge the quality that can be expected from the school. Before even delving deeper, you need to understand certain things. Only because you get into a film school does not necessarily mean you will be making films while you study there. Some schools expect the students to direct a film, while others demand that they complete video or film production even before graduation.

Apart from qualified faculties, industry exposure and training methods you need to ensure that the alma mater has produced at least a few popular actors or film makers. Often these actors tend to donate high-end equipments and sponsor for facilities as token of gratitude towards the school which helped them reach where they currently are. Choosing the right Film school is one of the greatest choices that will influence your career. Meticulous research on the internet can help you avoid costly mistakes.