Silk Scarf and Its Enchanting World

By | January 5, 2012

The charm of silk has been attracting people since centuries. Due to smooth and soft texture of silk, it has gained the status of royal luxurious fabric. Scarves are one of the various dresses made from silk that are widely popular among men and women of any age group. Unlike the popular perception of yesteryears, silk scarves are one such alluring accessory that is not only suitable on women but on men too. They are classic, timeless have tendency to change any dull or boring outfits into gorgeous apparel which suits on your personality.

Silk Scarves are available in various prints, designs and sizes made from 100% pure silk or blended silk. Let us consider these factors.

* Silk scarves are available in pure form or blended form. For instance Kantha Embroidery Silk scarf and Black Base Kantha Scarf are hand woven and made from 100%pure silk. Even the embellishing elements of pure silk scarves like fringes and embroideries are engraved by silk threads. If you are not interested in pure silk stuff then the scarves in blended form are also available. Zari Border scarf is the scarf made of viscose silk. Moreover rayon blend silk are use to make viscose silk scarf.

* Tassels in scarves give them finishing touch. Tassels can be seen in any kind of silk scarves whether they are plain, multicolored, stripped or in any other design. Hanging threads of tassels make them luxuriant and attractive.

* Small sized Printed Silk Scarves look opulent on conservative suits peaking out of their pocket. Large printed scarves can be used as head scarves, neck wear or as an outerwear. Scarves of flower prints and animal prints are especially in demand but paisley and geometric designs have too made their mark.

* Shape and Size, yes they have their own significance. How will you drape scarf and where will you tuck it depends upon the size. Silk scarves are small enough to keep in pocket and large enough to drape around your body. Mostly you will find them in rectangular and square shape with neatly finished ends.

Silk scarves are worn for various reasons for instance to wrap around head or shoulder or as veil in order to remain protected from undesirable weather conditions. They can be used as stole, belt, bandana and outerwear like skirt or top. Silk scarves for women have another use also; they can adorn other accessories like hat, handbag and purse. Wrap scarf over the brim of hat for stylish look and in handbag wrap them around handle to enhance look of your bag.

Since the last decade the enchanting world of silk scarves has grown rapidly. Many new manufacturing and retailing houses have established because which there is stiff competition in market to provide customer quality scarves at reasonable price. Ultimately customers are winners in this situation, now apart from existing designs of earlier many creative designers have introduced new designs and patterns.