Simple and Effective Rodent Control Methods

By | September 29, 2011

Rodents, such as mice and bats, are terribly destructive household pests. Rats, for example, tend to chew on wooden and plastic fixtures such as walls, furniture, and food containers which can cause a hefty sum to fix or replace. They also tend to nibble away on wirings that not only render an appliance inoperable, but are also considerate fire hazards. Not only that, they can also cause extensive damage on one’s well-being as they are also well-known disease carriers. For example, mouse and bat bites can cause deadly diseases such as rabies and tetanus.

The rats and mice have been producing all the decimation of the items interior the dwelling as well as the electric and electrical devices dwelling appliances. These rodents have been the most difficulty producing animals interior the house. These rodents have the proficiency to get into any bends of the house. They can get through the breaches between the floor and doorways, vents, apertures and outlets adhered to the house.

They furthermore use the big pipe lines to get into the house. After getting interior the dwelling, they use to decimate the furnishings and upholsterers by masticating and gnawing them off. They furthermore rip of the twisted cords and wires of the electric and electrical devices appliances and make them completely idle. They rip off the dismisses and sacks topped up with cereals and kernels retained in the shop rooms of the house. They evolve hurtful infections by infesting on the nourishment pieces and the preparing nourishment utensils. They furthermore urinate and litter round the bends of the house. Due to these difficulties, it becomes a necessity to hold rats out of your house.

As such, it is vital that an Atlanta homeowner should make it his/her top priority to evict these nasty critters from the household at the very first sign of an infestation. Here are some effective means of doing so:

1. Place traps in tight, dark spots. Disabling traps like a glue board are highly effective provided you know where to put them. Placing them in such places as underneath furniture fixtures like tables is the best way to go. They are also relatively cheap and common as they can be purchased in grocery and hardware stores.

2. Seal off holes. Bats tend to enter houses through wide-enough cracks. They also tend to wander through opened windows and doors so be sure to close these entry ways when not in use.

3. Chase them away. Bats are relatively easy to get rid of. When you see one in your household, just usher them through an exit like a door or window with an extended broom or something that lets you shoo them away from a distance.

Always remember, a pest-free home is a step closer towards a peaceful home. Always make it your priority to ensure that your home is free from these nasty critters!