Simplicity is Power in Business Cards

By | December 11, 2011

In a world of powerpoints, online ads and social media, it’s important to keep in mind that people often find the marketing world a little confusing.

In a world of powerpoints, online ads, social media, and instant messaging, it is important to keep in mind that people often find the marketing world a little confusing and overwhelming. Sure, information is important, but what people really want is simple information that won’t make them wonder if you are still speaking in the language they understand. You have to understand that marketing is just like story telling. You have to present your story in the simplest way possible. You have to make people understand your message at a glance. With the different marketing mediums available today, sometimes the idea of marketing gets too cluttered, thus, resulting in marketing materials that look downright confusing.

If your goal is to succeed, then you better understand the idea behind effective marketing. No matter how tempting it is to create elaborate and fancy materials, you have to stick with the simple ones in order to deliver your message quickly and effectively. After all, marketing is about your customers and not about you. The more you look interesting and understand to your customers the more chances you get of getting them to respond to your campaign.

With that in mind, creating simple but effective business cards should be a priority to you. Even if you do email marketing and social media, you still have to keep a good number of printed business cards on your pocket. Why? For the simple reason that people still ask for the business card. Go to networking activities or social events, and you still be asked for your card. If you don’t have your cards with you, you already lose a chance to get new contacts that later on can turn to customers.

Business card printing is among the marketing strategies that will let you present your business in the simplest and most effective manner. You don’t have to come up with a fancy design. Just present your contact details on a simple manner and you ready to market your business and yourself impressively. Of course, don’t forget to put your logo on your card. This is your branding element that will help reinforce your brand. If you don’t have a logo yet, then get moving and create one. Again, you don’t have to be overly creative on your logo. The simpler it is, the easier people will remember it.

Simplicity is the key to an effective business card. You can always go for a unique design on your business card templates, but make sure that you don’t overdo it. There are ways to make uniqueness and simplicity work together if you know how to do it. If you don’t, your trusted designer can help you with it.

A clean design is also necessary. The last thing you want is for people not to understand a single word you wrote on your card. Just use simple fonts and limit the images you use to just one so there is still enough white space to make your card look legible.

Remember that the simpler your materials are the less cluttered they will be. The business world is confusing for your customers enough, so don’t it more confusing for them. Keep your business cards and all other marketing materials you have as simple as possible and all your marketing campaign will truly be a success.