snatch blocks

By | October 4, 2011

Whenever your car breaks down and has to be towed away, snatch blocks are the first device that comes to your mind. They are mainly pulleys tucked inside metal casings designed to help in winching duties. They are commonly used to pull heavy loads and cars. Understandably, they must be made up of tough material that can handle heavy loads without any damage or breakdown. These snatch blocks are designed keeping in mind the storage space available within vehicles and can be carried inside the vehicle wherever they go. It can be bought from most of the off-road supply centers as well as online stores. Using this device, almost all vehicles can be easily towed away to garages and service centers if they break down in the journey. They weigh around 10 pounds but can pull thousands of pounds. Snatch blocks act as savior to those stuck in such situations.


The above paragraph gives a basic overview about what snatch blocks are and how they can be used. These equipments prove handy when most of the other options have failed. They are commonly used along with a rope wire in cranes. Without proper complement, these equipments are of no use as other ropes would give way any time, even though the snatch blocks are solid as rocks. Wire ropes impart full justice to the different types of snatch blocks used. Not only are they useful in towing away broken down vehicles, they are widely used at major construction sites also. They are usually paired with high tension rope wires with these instruments at one end and the crane at the other. In this way, they are used to move heavy loads from one location to another, sometimes even to a height. Snatch blocks thus prove a boon in construction industry.


No doubt you can use snatch blocks in various other fields also. However, you must first study all the conditions and the requirements of the task before choosing these equipments for any task. They can surely carry and pull thousands of pounds of weight, but that does not mean that you can load heavy loads on them without any damage. If you overload the snatch blocks, knowingly or unknowingly, you may get yourself and others in a lot of trouble. If the equipment is not able to handle the overload, it may break suddenly or behave differently leading to lethal and fatal damages. We are sure you would also prefer to avoid such unwelcome incidents. If you’re not well versed with the basics of choosing these equipments, there is hope for you. You can get valuable information from various sites and engineers. So, choose the snatch blocks wisely to avoid mishaps.