Solar Thermal Collectors Colorado: Beginners’ FAQ On Getting Green Technology For Residential Purposes

By | September 30, 2011

Solar Thermal Collectors Colorado: Beginners’ FAQ On Getting Green Technology For Residential Purposes If you’ve been considering the use of solar technology for household purposes, but felt this is not really for you, now is the time to change your mind. With the whole world looking for green solutions for their house and business, the use of solar thermal collectors colorado can only bring you a lot of advantages. We’ve gathered a few of the clients’ questions and answered them for you, to help you better understand how it all works. How does solar thermal work? A solar water heating system consists of a solar collector, a pump station, a solar controller and an indirect hot water storage tank. The collector gathers energy from the sun and transfers the heat to the storage tank via an interior heat exchanger. Then you will have the tank which normally stores heated water until it is used. When will I see return on my investment? When you are buying solar thermal collectors colorado, you are paying a significant amount to have the entire system fitted into your home. After they do that, many clients want to know how long it may take to repay their capital investment based on monthly energy savings. The answer is not simple, as calculations differ and energy prices are difficult to predict over the next years. The generalized answer is around seven years. Your monthly bills will get significantly lower and the initial investment will be covered entirely after this period of time. How long will a solar thermal collector system last? This answer also depends on a lot of factors, but the generalized answer is up to 30 years. With regular checks and routine maintenance, you may have it for longer. Keep in mind that most solar thermal collectors colorado need very little maintenance. The glass tubes are round and perfectly smooth; any dirt or dust is carried away by the wind and rain. There are no moving parts to wear out. All components are made from high grade stainless steel, copper or non-corrosive materials. However, it is strongly advisable to have a service contract concluded with a solar installer. How do I know if solar thermal is suitable for my home? The more hot water you use, the greater the potential savings are. A family with typical hot water use will really make the most of the installation. There are other possibilities for families with lower demands, such as cost effective single panel type installations. How many solar thermal panels will I need for my residence? The best answer in this direction can be offered by your solar thermal installer. This will depend on how many people in your household, on how much hot water you use and how much sunlight you receive. To generalize a bit, a typical family of four might require four square meters. How do I find the best installer for solar thermal collectors colorado? The best idea, when you decide to take the leap is to look for an installer who has all the industry qualifications and also the skills to successfully use cutting edge technology. And if you’re having difficulty locating a reliable professional, you could consider asking a local solar distributor like Alternative Power Distribution. We work with plumbing and installing professionals in the area, providing them product support and training. So, our specialists may be able to recommend the best professionals you can contact. You can find more here: