Start wrapping up!

By | October 3, 2011

Comfort should always be a prime consideration when shopping for winter clothes, especially outerwear like coats and jackets. You can rest assured that clothes manufacturers and designers will supply a huge range of stylish products for you to choose from, so spending time looking behind the outer appearance of garments to learn what materials they’re made from could make a big difference to your comfort levels throughout the colder months of the year.

When choosing a winter jacket, favouring items with fleece linings can be a great way to reduce heat loss and moisture retention without having to alter your choice of material. Natural insulation such as duck down also usually offers greater warmth than artificial materials such as acrylic and synthetic wool.

Another practical consideration you’ll have to make when buying winter coats and jackets is checking that they are the right size – which doesn’t just mean relying on what the label says. Remember that you could be using layering effects to conserve more heat on especially cold days, so the jacket you choose needs to have suitable ‘breathing’ room for these additional layers. You can help ensure the jacket you buy will be suitable for layered clothing by wearing a bulky jumper or multiple tops when trying it on in store.

Once you’ve taken care of these practical issues, it’s time to enjoy your winter shopping and compare your favourite women’s jackets in the styles that best suit your personality. Trying out different combinations of leg wear and accessories can complete the perfect winter outfit.

One enduringly popular jacket style is the bomber jacket, which zips up easily to keep out the wind and cold, and is also well padded. For a more tailored option, blazers can be stylish choices, especially for work or evening wear. These are available in plain hues and conservative patterns such as pinstripes, as well as more flamboyant colours such as primary reds, yellows and blues – which could be just the thing for winter nights out.

For a more retro look this winter, one great option is duffel coats, with their distinctive fastenings and large bulk making them well suited to layering. Military coats can be equally striking too, especially when worn with skinny jeans and accessorised with jewellery. That old favourite the parka coat is also enjoying resurgence in popularity this winter season among women and men – especially in all-universal beige.