Starting a Printing Company

By | October 4, 2011

Commercial printing is a really good business wherever you are in the world because so many businesses are having many things printed.

Commercial printing is a really good business wherever you are in the world because so many businesses are having many things printed. The basic things are official receipts, delivery receipts, sales invoices, billing invoices, and business cards. These are the basic jobs that are often done by a commercial printer. But aside from these, there are also advertising and marketing materials, such as posters, brochures, flyers, mailers, catalogs, marketing kits, survey forms, inserts, and the like.

But despite the demand, many old-timers in the commercial printing business have closed down because of their set up. You have to understand that in the past, printing companies have huge set ups that require a lot of space and a lot of employees so now they are losing out on new players because of their huge operational costs.

This does not mean, however, that the printing industry could not use another player. There are just so many opportunities out there and so many clients to cater to. You will know this because when you have a job done at a printer, they would have to schedule your job because there are a lot of pending jobs and they are already doing overtime work. So that means there is still space for you and your new business.

A printing business will just need a hefty capitalization because of the expensive machinery and equipment that you will need. The basic things that you will need are:

1. Two (2) units of computers – One is mainly for business purposes like research, proposals, financial files, etc. But this can also be used for design purposes as needed. The second one will primarily for design and layout.

2. Two (2) printers – You can have an inkjet printer for your proposals and your files. The laser printer can be for your desktop publishing jobs that will surely come in if you have already advertised yourself as a commercial printer. This will be used for fast jobs, like business cards.

3. One (1) four-color offset printer – Four color offset printing is needed now so that you can turn out materials fast. Of course there are cheaper one-color and two-color machines still out there but these are time consuming. For some difference in pricing, you can finish jobs fast. The margin of error is also less because four-color machines eliminate the problem of double image, which is very common with the older machines.

4. Industry Grade cutters and binders – After printing, some jobs will need cutting and binding and you will have to invest in these as well. You can outsource the cutting and binding but that will be a hassle. So you better buy your own.

You may need to file for a loan in order to finance all your requirements but it will not take long for you to recoup your initial investment and enjoy good profit from all your jobs. As long as you manage your business well so that you make sure that there is no pilferage of materials, you can most likely experience a return of investment in a year or less. That is how good a commercial printing business can be. So, do you think that you have what it takes to become a commercial printer? Look into the possibilities of this business and maybe someday, you will make it big.