Steampunk Lifestyle Its Origin and Clothing

By | January 5, 2012

Steampunk, a newly originated sub- culture is the neo version of Victorian era. This sub culture is the combination of history, fantasy and science fiction and has its root in Victorian era but saw emergence during late 1960’s. Came in formation in the mid of twentieth century, this punk culture was in its peak during 1980 and 1990’s and since then its popularity is only rising. Victorian style of clothing in modified version is the main aspect of this genre and most important part of style making for them. Even you have experienced situation where people get dressed up in Victorian clothing and in other furious accessories.

Majority of people who follow this genre are based in Britain and USA but this sub culture is famous international canvas. After Britain and USA Japan has the largest population of this group. There is no set of guidelines for steampunk fashion. Steampunk clothing is accented with technological knowhow and period accessories. Vests, corsets, skirts, blouses, tops, gowns, petticoats, bustles, jackets and other garments like military wear are some of the inspired garments from Victorian period that have undergone changes to suit the punk chic of this sub culture.

The phrase “Steampunk is what happens when Goths discover brown” by Jess Nevins go well with the mood of punk sub-culture. Punks are more inclined towards romance, adult fiction and rude behavior. Same thing that can be easily depicted through steampunk clothes also. Although their clothes are not exactly Victorian in approach but are technically modified Victorian costumes and seen as a proof of more adventurous life. Even modern accessories like mobiles and music players are modified to give them Victorian look.

Steampunk clothes are lighter and easier to move around and have rugged approach. This is because technology of this genre is powered by coal and steam. That is why the shades of most of the clothes are darker in color, may be to hide coal soot. Goggles and leather are significant part of steampunk attire. Goggles to keep soot out of eyes and leather so that fabric long last.

If you are thinking of wearing steampunk wear then movies based on punk culture could prove to be good guide for you. Sleepy Hollow, The League of Extra Ordinary Gentlemen, The Time machine are a few name out of many Hollywood movies based on punk sub-culture. In such movies from clothing to setup to storyline are all on the line of Victorian style with a twist of fantasy. Steampunk in itself is complete culture and lifestyle at the same time.

Moreover people think that steampunk attire is unsophisticated and casual but in reality most of the time situation is exactly opposite. Punk fashions induce something in followers which make them highly respectable. Steampunk clothing gives us healthy fusion of bespoke clothing and accessories of industrial age of certain standard that many people could not be able to match.