Strategies for Overcoming Low Self Esteem

By | December 22, 2011

Don’t you have confidence about your own abilities and feel insecure about yourself? Plenty of ways can be tried for overcoming low self esteem and get back your confidence. Many reasons can be attributed for rising tension.

Now that you have grown and are expected to shoulder many responsibilities, you find it difficult to think of right solutions to every problem. You feel nervous or fumble when given too many responsibilities. It is obvious that you will feel overwhelmed when crippled and unable to make decisions.
This article discusses about different strategies you can devise for overcoming low self esteem:

Make Sure to Affirm Your Abilities as Frequently as Possible:
You can do this by recalling all instances when you emerged victorious. When you know that you had performed well, you get the confidence of performing well in the future as well.
For overcoming low self esteem, you have to determine what you are good at. You can spend quality time encouraging and nurturing yourself. Reward yourself when you perform well. This will give you the confidence of making bigger decisions.
Remove Fears and Limiting Beliefs:

If you find you have limiting beliefs, you have the option of changing it as well. If you suffer from this problem because you were never given the opportunity of making a choice since childhood, then it is certainly time for change. Your parents might have been protective about you, but now that you are a full-grown individual, you need to shoulder responsibilities by overcoming low self esteem.

Start Taking Actions:

You may initially waste time on procrastination or hold back yourself, however; don’t let this hold you back for long. You can get started and find things falling in right place. Now, once you start taking actions and make decisions, you can get a clearer picture and no longer remain in the dark.
There is nothing called perfect and don’t wait till things automatically fall into places, as this is unlikely to happen. You get stronger bolder from the moment you take your own decisions. Your self confidence increase and this helps in overcoming low self esteem.
Groom Yourself:

If you find you don’t have the right skill and knowledge to make right decisions, inculcate them in you. You don’t have to go to schools to attain any formal training in this field. This is a lifelong process and every experience teaches you something new.

Incorporate Visions and Values to Support your Decisions:

You can fall back on supporting reasons, desires, and values when you have to make any decisions. It is thus important to clarify what is important to you. This will make decision-making process easier for you.
Take Yourself Lightly:

You can definitely make mistakes and that should not hold you back from taking decisions. Consequences can be trivial, but that cannot hold you back from taking decisions.
These are some useful strategies for overcoming low self esteem, to help you get confident about decisions you take.

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