Switching to a new broadband provider

By | January 5, 2012

The UK’s broadband market is highly competitive and full of great deals. When you put in the time and effort to compare different tariffs from the major suppliers and find the broadband package best suited to you, the payoff can be significant. Most people don’t change their broadband service for many years, even if they feel unsatisfied with their experience with a certain provider. This lack of action could end up costing you significantly more. Even if you are happy with your current broadband service, it’s worth comparing similar tariffs from other companies online to see whether you save money by switching.

Price comparison websites are a useful way of comparing standard tariffs from different companies, but you should also consider visiting the websites of these providers to find out if they have more deals available, which may be better suited to your internet usage habits and budget. You should also consider asking friends, family and work colleagues about their experiences with different broadband suppliers, which could lead to recommendations or tips about companies to avoid. Reading testimonials from customers on review sites could also highlight specific advantages of broadband providers.

Once you’ve found a new broadband service you’re happy with, you will need to contact your current provider and inform them of your decision. The sooner this is done, the better – especially as there may be barriers blocking your exit (e.g., whether you’re still under the contracted term). Some providers will automatically roll customers onto a new contract once their current one expires, so waiting until you receive a message from your broadband provider is not recommended if you’re considering switching, as they may already have made the decision for you and signed you up for another 12 to 18 months.

When you choose to disconnect your existing broadband service in order to sign up with a new one, you will usually be able to specify the termination date yourself, or to agree to a 30-day window in which you will still be able to use your previous internet connection. After this time, it’s a good idea to make sure that you already have your new internet package ready to install and use, otherwise you may be left without internet access for some considerable time.

When comparing the different deals and tariffs offered by respective internet providers, you should make sure the broadband package includes everything you need and will be up to the tasks demanded of it. This includes checking for reliable customer support, unlimited downloads and fast download speeds, especially if you are a high traffic user.