Syphilis Still Possesses the Ability to Pack a Knockout Punch

By | February 14, 2012

Syphilis has wreaked havoc on the lives of millions of people throughout the years, and if patterns do not change in the near future, the damage the disease could be on the rise again. Making sound choices with regard to sexual behavior will go a long way toward keeping syphilis at bay.

As it relates to its grave implications, syphilis had no respective person in mind as it created havoc in the lives of millions of people around the world.

Among those who suffered from the disease throughout history: Al Capone, Howard Hughes, Adolph Hitler and Idi Amin. The previously referenced individuals lived in different times and in different places. But they all shared that common bond – syphilis.

Syphilis doesn’t care about race, stature, fame, wealth or any other potentially distinguishing feature. Just like any other Sexually Transmitted Disease or STD, it can strike anyone, anywhere in anyplace. It’s a known fact that it’s a disease that strikes hard against those who lead an active sex life and do not practice safe sex.

Syphilis cases are among the STDs that have been on a disturbing uptick within the last four to five years. Despite all of the advances in medicine and treatment – combined with efforts to curb the increase – it’s hard to wrap your mind around the surge in these types of cases.

One can attempt to pinpoint a number of reasons for the upswing – whether it be the advent of more open sexual expression, media or the World Wide Web – the bottom line is safeguarding one’s self against syphilis is a matter of choice.

Is it really as simple as ABC? Which government officials promote as A = Abstinence from Sex, B = Be faithful to your partner, and C = Correct Condom usage. For some, abstinence borders impossibility. And faithfulness is doable for most people. And to the rest of the population condoms represent the best option – they’re cheap, readily available and come in many types and sizes for everyone.

However, health care officials would have you know the best condom in your pocket is a useless piece of baggage if you do not wear it when you need it and where you need it. Syphilis would gladly hand you a painful and possibly fatal experience as a consequence of a moment of bad decision.

Just as syphilis wiped out a myriad of lives in the past, it still possesses the ability to do the same now. It’s just a matter of if people today are willing to give the disease the same power it packed back in the day.

Much like anything else with regard to society – choices and sound decision making are key. If we make the right ones, we will live better lives. And we know what to expect when we don’t.

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