The benefits of direct mail marketing

By | February 14, 2012

With everyone doing everything online these days, consumers are all bombarded with emails, text messages, instant messages and more. Every computer and website holds “exclusive deals” or the “best rates” for phones, broadband, cable and satellite.  People can buy everything they want with a click or two from any number of sites, from the latest technological gadget to their weekly groceries. Every vendor proclaims to be fast, simple and the best price available. Social media messages send more “amazing” deals and walls and accounts are surrounded by ads meant exactly for their needs. There is marketing everywhere that is telling people what they need and where to get it. The problem is: it is everywhere. It becomes almost impossible to choose what actually does fit the individual consumer’s lifestyle and budget when all of the messages sound the same.

As a business or aspiring vendor, to reach your desired consumer audience, it is necessary to do something that gets your message across effectively. By going a more traditional route, instead of being old school, you can actually set yourself apart from the pack. Direct mailing services are among those very effective traditional means of reaching the public that were once seen as outdated, but are now enjoying a renaissance of sorts. A paper advertisement or coupon delivered inexpensively by mailing companies can actually put something concrete in front of a customer sick of scrolling between windows to figure out where to get the best deal or bargain. A customized email message addressed to the individual consumer can make them stop and read. And then you are already in their home, either in real life form, or as a static message in their in box.

Direct mailing services can meet all of your marketing needs by doing the kind of mass delivery mail Toronto and other big cities require. Mailing companies turn your message into a reality and make delivery in the time you need, or just the optimal time that you didn’t think previously possible. Direct mail can happen almost instantaneously, especially if you are dealing in electronic mail, but also paper mail. With fully staffed mailing companies, marketing messages can reach numbers of people you never thought possible in shorter timeframes than you could have imagined.


The kind of mail Toronto and other large metropolitan areas require is next to impossible for one small company or administrative staff to generate. But with a direct mail marketing campaign outsourced to the right mailing companies, anything can be done. Direct mail marketing takes the entire burden of the delivery, leaving you and the creative team the time and energy to worry about the message and the product. And it increases your options. Since you have no need to purchase supplies or allot time and staff to the mailing, you can spend the time and money on other things, like expansion and product development.