The Essential Introduction to Pallet Cages

By | October 8, 2011

This is the reason why more and more industries are taking the initiative to equip themselves with specialized industrial handling equipment and other transportation and storage solutions. These include lift trucks along with a wide range of attachments and pallet cages conveyor systems and equipment for lifting and material handling, trucks and trolleys for efficient transportation, drum handling and storage equipment and so on.

Each of these products serves a very distinct purpose and together they can contribute towards helping to take your operations to the next level. Take the example of pallet cages. These are usually made of high quality steel with electroplated finish for extra durability although other kinds of pallet cages made of different materials are also available. They are constructed to withstand constant use and are easy to assemble and use. Some models come with location spigots that allow for safe stacking. Pallet cages are very suitable for retailing, shipping, transporting and merchandising.

Combined with lift trucks, they can provide a dependable solution to all your stacking and storage requirements. There are many standard sizes available that will cater to most kinds of needs. However, if you are looking for some custom sizes with special features, you can have them too. There are many manufacturers of similar products who would be happy to provide you with fully customized solutions to all your special handling and transportation requirements.

For more solutions in material storing and transportation in large containers and steel boxes, you can use industrial trailers and other special transportation means. Available in a wide range of strengths and sizes, these specialised transportation devices are indispensable in most industries that have to deal with large container boxes on a regular basis.


Constructed to withstand constant use. Easy to assemble and fold for storage. Location spigots for safe stacking. Most suitable for retailing, shipping, transporting and merchandising. All models provided with a half drop gate on one long side, Except Ref. 15.739 which has a half opening gate on one long side. Patented semi-auto latch for simple assembly. Electroplated finish. Extra reinforced models on request. Stack up to 4 high.


Sturdy lightweight aluminium construction with self adjusting clamp system. All sizes of Carrymate® non-slip grips come with replaceable rubber pads and a plastic protective sleeve along the cushioned handle; therefore preventing damage to the carried load. They are excellent for the transport of a variety of metal and steel materials, stone slabs, wood and ply sheets, laminates, window panes …