The European Frameless Glass Shower Door. Bringing Clean Opulence To Everyone’s Home.

By | October 11, 2011

Once considered of as only something to be seen in the higher end households of Westchester County, NY, the Frameless glass enclosure is a bit of elegance that can fit anyone’s budget

They are constructed from what is called “heavy glass” and there is a reason. These arrangements feature 3/8″ and 1/2″ thick glass, it is much richer than what is generally found in the older style shower doors and is literally, more heavy. With a typical frameless shower, the glass is clear; creating an open airy feeling. The frameless shower door will also sport use of less metal than a conventional style door. The most desirable style is the frameless door that uses glass clamp appointments versus the more dated channel look; the major companies will not use the channel type and if they do, they re-brand these doors as semi-frameless as the glass will appear to have a frame at the margin of the inactive panels. A quality glass shower door will also feature more durable and higher quality hinges and hardware. The reasoning behind this is that there is less use of metal, the metal used to secure the glass must be of the finest choice and competent to hold heavy loads safely. An important and overlooked detail is that the glass has a small logo existing in the corner of every piece of glass. This logo is called a “bug” and its role is to display that the glass is a tempered safety glass. All shower door glass is called for to be safety glass, having the logo appear on the glass ensures the user that the correct measures have been made and the glass is treated. Do not grant someone to ever install your shower door without this logo present on the glass surface. Almost all new homes in the Metro NY area possess the inclusion of a frameless shower door. It produces a higher end look and is a great selling detail or the home. A home buyer in New York will anticipate to see a frameless shower door in the bathroom. If you are looking to step-up the value of your home or are looking to sell your home, the frameless shower door is a must have. A purchaser will pay more for the home finding this modern inclusion, particularly in the more affluent areas. The New York resident is well versed in home designs and trends and the all glass look is what is preferable. If your home is without this enclosure, it is interpreted a drawback and will cause your bathroom seem antique, implying to a buyer that they will have to upgrade the shower door.

Another advantage of the frameless glass is that there are many hardware finishes complementing your personal fashion and decor. The glass can also be fit and custom cut for any shape or opening that you may ask; the aged styles frequently are limited by regular sizes only. Contacting with a qualified glass designer and shower door company will help secure your enclosure is contrived with your design and function in mind. The most prestigious firms will be those that offer the best designs in glass with extraordinary quality control.