The Must Haves of Aquarium Products

By | October 2, 2011

An aquarium requires a lot of work to keep it in the best condition for both the owner and the aquatic life in the tank.

An aquarium requires a lot of work to keep it in the best condition for both the owner and the aquatic life in the tank. The first aquarium product in this list of maintaining an aquarium is protein skimmers. These use air bubbles to make foam that is used to absorb and entraps waste products. The protein skimmers make this foam using venture, air driven or spray injection systems. Using ozone instead of air to make foam enhances waste removal and helps control bacteria, protozoa and viruses.

Aquarium lighting is one of the most important parts of a successful reef aquarium or planted freshwater tank. However it is also one of the most confusing and misunderstood of all aquarium products because people do not know the correct type of lighting for their specific fish tank and should consult a professional aquarium installer to know the appropriate aquarium lighting for their aquarium. Examples of these lighting fixtures are fluorescent aquarium lights, metal halide aquarium lights and compact fluorescent aquarium lights.

Aquarium water pumps are number three on the required aquarium products. There are external and in-line water pumps for marine, reef and fresh water aquariums. External aquarium water pumps consist of an external motor that pulls water from the aquarium and pushes it out of the outlet. It is the most common type of water pump for all types of aquariums. They are also the most powerful and help keep the heat out of the water. They are used as well as return pumps to feed filter water back to the aquarium and drive filter equipment such as canister filters and protein skimmers.

Aquarium filters come in at number four on aquarium products. There are 3 types of water filtration; the first being mechanical filtration of water which is done by passing the water through a screen or thin piece of sponge to remove pieces of debris from the water. The second is chemical filtration which is done by passing water through small pieces of carbon or zeolite that help to remove molecules such as ammonia from the water. The third is biological filtration of water done by certain types of bacteria that live on gravel, on the surface of glass or on plastic plants.

Aquarium heaters area a must have in an aquarium to maintain a consistent water temperature as the aquatic life like fish, coral and invertebrate in the tank need to be kept at certain stable temperatures to survive. The aquatic life cannot be sustained if the temperatures go below the required level.

Next are aquarium chillers which are required to maintain an optimal temperature during summer months which can be quite challenging. They can be quite expensive but aquarium chillers are one of the best options for ensuring correct aquarium temperature.

Last but not least, no aquarium can exist without fish food fish food. It definitely ranks high on the list of aquarium products necessary for an aquarium. The aquatic life in tanks requires a balanced diet to guarantee its survival.

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