The Photo Printing of Small Party Invitations

By | September 20, 2011

Have you attended birthday party recently in Dallas and noticed that invitations no longer look like they were printed of neighboring Dallas printers?

Have you attended a small birthday party recently in Dallas and noticed that the invitations no longer look like they were printed by any of your neighboring Dallas printers? Did the invitation look like it was printed on photo paper and bends over like one? That is because many people today are now resorting having to photo printing for their small party invitations. Small parties are those that require only around ten invitations because you are only inviting over your family and some close friend. Because of this, going to DFW printers for the printing is just plain unreasonable.

There are many reasons why people now prefer photo printing for the small party invitations. One is that they can get good quality color invitations at a very cheap rate. It doesn’t matter if it is an invitation we are talking about because photo printers charge the same fee for the printing, especially if you do your own layout. If not, they do charge a fee for the layout but it is still very cheap, like it is an add-on service for your patronage.

The minimum orders at photos are low, as compared to printing companies. Some photo labs require at least ten copies for a single order of photo processing, others require only five. If you need only five copies and the minimum required is ten, you can easily have other photos printed with it and you are done. For sure, you have a lot of digital photos still stored in your computer and have not seen print. Now is a good time to do that.

Another good thing at the photo lab is that the turnaround time is pretty fast. You do not have to wait days. All you need is an hour or even less, as long as there are not too many orders before you. But most photo labs actually promise the one-hour processing and most of them they true to their commitment. Actually, they can even do it in less, as long as the jobs loaded in their printer before you are not that many and there is no power interruption. Photo printing has gone a long way since twenty years ago, that is why in just an hour or so, we can already see how we look like in photos. Actually, we can already do that with the LCD screen on our digital cameras. This way, you do not lose time. You go to the photo lab in the morning to have your invitations printed. You go out to buy envelopes and stamps. You can even stop by the supermarket to pick up some grocery stuff, and when you come back, your invitations are done. You stay there at the photo lab to insert the invites in the envelope, write the addresses, seal them, paste the stamp on them and before you go home, you can drop them off at the mailbox. That is fast. You have the invitations printed and sent out all on the same morning. And you were able to do some errands, too.

Going to Dallas Printers for your invitations is good, especially if you need a lot of copies and the event is a formal one because photo prints are not formal invitations. But if you need a quick fix for your small party invitations, then you can forget about DFW Printers and just go to the photo lab.