The Shortage of Electricians in NJ

By | September 8, 2011

Electricians play a major role in our lives as they are used for installation and maintenance. They also repair the electrical infrastructure that allows the use of lighting and other emerging electrical machines. However, if at any point of time a shortage occurs then you can be in a fix. And this is the reason that electricians are in high demand in NJ as they are found less in this area usually. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, NJ is having a massive shortage of electricians.
Electricians possess different areas of expertise such as installation, maintenance and repair. Ideally, they can be split into three different sections. They are domestic, commercial and industrial electricians with each one having to learn particular skills to install, maintain, repair and test electrical equipment for safety. Safety is an important feature of the electrician’s trade due to the risk involved. Thus, auto electricians require absolute updated and advanced knowledge of complex components needed in this profession.

Factors Involved For The Shortage Of Electricians In NJ

Several factors are held responsible for the predicted shortfall of electrical workers in this part of US. The factors which had a great effect in making electrician’s scarcity are as follows:

• High-tech demands are swelling faster than the ranks, as the economy is in crisis

• Experienced electrical workers are aging. This needs not only to recruit and prepare more electricians to meet the needs of a growing industry.

• Some provisions must be introduced to replace current electricians who will retire in near future.

• The government should adapt a strategy devised to meet future workforce needs. Encouraging skilled electricians must not be allowed to immigrate very easily without any solid reason.

• A multifaceted approach to addressing the shortage must be adapted and more and more people must be educated and trained.

How To Overcome The Situation?

In fact,the US government has introduced National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (NJATC). This committee is responsible for developing the required workforce. This website and this apprenticeship program is actively promoted to stem the manpower drift off. Nearly 40,000 apprentices in 290 programs around the country are available. The basic aim is to increase those numbers to build up the electrical workforce in the future.

Students contemplating careers as an electrician can find encouragement to join the field through various sites. In these related websites they can find descriptions of nearly 60 different types of jobs available.The need for skilled workers to meet the growing electrical demands can be fulfilled through this program. Only by national efforts like this can we increase the number of electrical workers for years to come, to keep our prospectdazzling.

The main aim of the committee is to reach several people with accurate information about the industry so that people get attracted towards this profession. And also they accomplish better internal communication between labor and management.

Be aware of the situation and make people aware about the importance of this profession too!