The Strangest Credit Card Rewards

By | October 5, 2011

For many modern consumers, it’s not only factors such as the APR and free balance transfers that determine which credit card to sign up for, but also extra features such as credit card rewards. By partnering with various companies in different fields, credit card companies can add value to their card packages by giving consumers the chance to earn and redeem rewards with various retailers and other organisations – both as a way of thanking customers for their continued support, and as an incentive for them to use their cards more frequently.

While many credit card rewards can be extremely beneficial – such as discounts on supermarket purchases and petrol, or the ability to take advantage of travel deals – certain deals struck between credit companies and third party organisations could be said to have a certain niche appeal, and can often be less commonplace and even downright strange.

Take the reward package offered by one American credit card company that gives customers the chance to get married by an Elvis impersonator at Las Vegas’ famous Graceland Wedding Chapel. Customers who earn 16,828 points on their credit card account could walk down the aisle with their partner to be married by the King, accompanied by some of Elvis Presley’s greatest hits – an interesting experience, but possibly not a reward too many credit card customers are saving up their valuable points for.

Many credit card rewards involve receiving free gifts from companies – anything from electronics to beauty products or gift cards. However, one American card issuer takes a very different approach, offering customers the chance to redeem points in exchange for their own goat herd. This is just one of many options available for customers in the bank’s personalised rewards program, which also includes less unusual options for those who don’t own fields.

Some credit cards with rewards give customers the chance to indulge in once-in-a-lifetime experiences, which can be anything from taking a weightless flight on a Boeing 727 to learning the art of being a fighter pilot for a day in simulated air-to-air combat or meeting the cast of TV shows and films at exclusive industry parties. Budding rock stars can also attend an adult rock band camp when cashing in points from one credit card company, learning how to play instruments and enjoy the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle by spending the equivalent of 385,000 US dollars on their cards.