Two Important Things You Need To Do Before Contacting A Solar Thermal Distributor Colorado

By | October 1, 2011

If your installer business has been stagnating, or even worse, going down over the past few years, it is definitely time to consider learning new aspects of your trade. Going green is the solution everyone in your business is taking into consideration nowadays. So what is stopping you from getting your training and certification in alternative energy and then contracting the services of a reliable solar thermal distributor colorado? If you are wondering what the first steps should be, take a look at these two essential tips. 1. Research which green jobs are most required in your area. In the face of the current energy crisis, with nearly all of the traditional energy sources rapidly diminishing, there is an escalating interest in alternative energy sources. More and more sectors are realizing the bigger role that alternative energy will play in the coming years, and it is a trend that will likely continue for the foreseeable future. As you can imagine, this will result in plenty of job opportunities in alternative energy. And more and more households nowadays are looking for reliable installers. According to a study by the U.S. Green Building Council, green construction projects are expected to create 7.9 million jobs by the end of 2012. In other news, authorities are planning to kick down with $750 million in green-job training grants as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. So, as the figures show, only in the upcoming twelve months, the solar industry will see unprecedented growth. According to the same Green Building Council, at the end of August 2010, the number of solar workers was approaching 100,000, a figure that is almost double the number of solar workers reported in 2009. Of course, the jobs connected to solar energy and water heating are diverse, but solar installers is the most sought after of all these, according to expert surveys. Other very much in demand jobs are: solar experienced electricians, installation firm sales, solar experienced roofers and wholesale distributors. The state of Colorado is currently in need of large numbers of solar workers. Try contacting a successful solar thermal distributor colorado, for more information about the area’s demand. On the whole, the installation arena is expected to increase by close to 10,000 workers, with manufacturing gaining about 9,000. As you can see, this is really impressive, so, if you want to keep up with the way your industry is changing, you must make a move towards solar. 2. Consider your area’s licensing information and training It is crucial to know all the legal and licensing aspects, before starting specific training, before even looking for a good solar thermal distributor colorado. In fact, the state of Colorado does not issue a contractor’s license specific to solar at the state level. However, there are local solar specific requirements in some counties. All contractors should check with the local authority that has jurisdiction for solar specific requirements. Also, Colorado issues licenses for electricians and plumbers at the state level. If you are in the electricians’ job, you should know that all solar electrical work must be done by an electrical contractor who employs a licensed residential electrician. You should look into special courses certified by the North American Board of Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). Effective July 1, 2011 – NABCEP certification (or equivalent) is required for all photovoltaic installations, be they commercial or residential. It is advisable you get a Master Certificate in Renewable Energy. An important thing when you start your solar installer career is to be able to locate the services of a trusted solar thermal distributor colorado. Here at Alternative Power Distribution, we have made it a duty of honor of using the best products and services. Everything from storage tanks and pump stations to evacuated tube solar collectors can be purchased from us. Furthermore, each of our products comes with extended guarantee and installation and service training. So why not join this sustainable and prosperous energy economy that works for all? You can check our products and services here: