Types of Combat Game Hobbies – What Types of Games Are There?

By | February 13, 2012

The realm of combat games has significantly evolved with time. In the beginning it was a lot of children playing around with rubber band guns. Today, technology has allowed the creation of fully automatic dart guns. Dart guns like the Tommy 20, or Nerf Vulcan are capable of shooting tons of foam darts quickly. The same progression may be seen in other combat games Combat the Fat

Toy blasters like the above two are capable of blasting up to 3 darts per second. Needless to say, this is a huge step from the single shot ball blasters from back in the day. The innovativeness of the guns, blasters, and markers employed in the various combat games out there, is very remarkable.

For those that are on the wild side, there’s a combat game for you as well. Paintball and Airsoft tend to be adrenaline packed games that significantly make use of coy and also a deep degree of strategy. No matter how slow you move, or what level of extremity you hunger for, combat games have everything you need. Lets set aside a second to gather all the great combat games out there, as well as some variations of play you can attempt in each game type.

Paintball – This sport has exploded substantially within the last decade. It exploded in 2004, and now has made its way back into the woods. Woodsball and Scenario play are 2 types of game variants paintball players often play nowadays. Stealth, strategy, and execution are imperative elements of these games.

Airsoft – This game makes use of powerful gas, electronic, or spring guns to shoot plastic weighted BB’s at 100-500 fps. Some Airsoft guns shoot harder than that, and have been known to break skin. Often they are used by the die-hard players out there, who hit the woods in full body BDU’s and protection.

Dart Tag – In this variation, gamers use toy blasters to launch very soft, harmless foam darts at foes. It is definitely the safest of bunch that actually shoots something. There are a handful of games participants can play with their blasters in. Humans vs Zombies is a game which has hit university campuses throughout the United States. Humans try to live as long as they can from the zombie plague. It’s entertaining, and safe (when played right).

Lazer Tag – Recognized for its ease of play, and safety; Lazer tag is a hit amongst families and virtually anyone out there that adores video games. Players wear vests that are loaded with sensors. The blasters used in this game shoot undetectable infrared beams, that when come in contact with sensors on the vest, will register a hit. It is most often played in a dark building loaded with black lights Combat the Fat

These are the 4 most typical forms of combat games out there. They meet the speed and identity of just about anybody out there. So what are you waiting for? Try one, or them all, today!