Understanding Catalog Printing

By | September 28, 2011

When it comes to promoting products or services, catalog is a good material to use.

When it comes to promoting products or services, catalog is a good material to use. It is easy to produce, inexpensive, and effective. Everyone knows how to use it so you can promote to them in the easiest and most straightforward manner. Despite modern advancements these days, printed catalogs are still in demand. Digital versions are ideal, but people would often still look for a printed catalog to make buying decisions. So, if you are seeking for the best way to get your products or services in front of people, you might want to invest in catalog printing.

But before you go into designing and printing your catalog, you might want to know what exactly a catalog is. A catalog is actually a material that contains pages about the products or services you offer. It is thicker than a brochure and contains in depth info about your offerings. It has technical info about the product and of course, the price. The more impressive and effective the design is the easier it would be to attract attention.

There are some things you to consider so your catalog look exactly like you want it to be. First, you need to make sure that the paper you use is sturdy and high quality. You can go for silk or gloss or look for a paper with weight from 50 gsm to about 130 gsm. You can go from an 8-page catalog to something over 1000 pages.

You need to also consider color printing. Black and white catalogs are no longer effective these days. It would be best to go for color printing. Make sure that you are picking the right colors to fit your business. Make an effort to understand the meaning behind each color first to ensure that you are picking the best color.

It’s likewise important to find the perfect printing company. Of course, your choice of printer would depend on the type of print job you have. It’s vital that you consider the quality of job, price, type of paper, and special finishes offered by the printer. It’s best to go for an offset printer if you have a lot of catalog templates to be printed as per page cost in offset printing is much lesser than digital printing. But if you only have a few hundreds to print, you can always go for digital printing since it is much quicker and low cost.

The type of finishes the printer offers is also an important consideration. You need to make sure that the printer offers high quality UV coating so your catalog won’t wear out easily. You can also consider matte or glossy coating to improve the durability of your material and make it last longer.

Shipping or delivery is also a big consideration. There are some printers especially those online that offer free shipping. You might want to look for a printer that offers this so you can save a lot in your printing cost.

Catalog printing need not be a hard and costly project. If you can find the best printing company, you can be sure to get the best value for your investment. As always, good research is the key to finding the best printing company, so be sure to do your own research before deciding on a print shop.